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Some data ethicsEdit

Wikidata is a powerful resource that connects data from all over the world. Since Wikidata is open to everyone, anyone can use the data on Wikidata as they see fit. When aggregating and linking data, it is important that we strive to use the insights that these data produce for good purposes.

Wikidata presents facts. These facts should contain references. Although you may not agree with a source someone uses, as long as a fact is added that is cited to a source it is okay to add.

Some examples of facts not to include:

  • Sensitive personal information (especially for living persons)
  • Information irrelevant to that item

Note: These rules also apply on Wikipedia.

Although Wikidata has tens of millions of items, they mostly reflect what is on Wikipedia. This means that the same biases that exist on Wikipedia exist on Wikidata as well. As you explore Wikidata you may notice glaring gaps. Wikidata is neither exhaustive nor complete. There is a lot more to add, connect, and clean up.