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WikiProjects (continued)Edit

Here are some elements to look for in WikiProjects:

  • Data Models: A list of the minimum properties required to accurately represent an item. Models come with descriptions as well as examples for better context
  • Queries: Common queries, maintenance queries, interesting queries
  • Guidelines: Scope, depth, and focus of the WikiProject
  • Common Properties: A list of properties that pertain to the topic of the WikiProject; less detailed than a data model
  • References: For disciplines with standardized references, they would be listed on a page like this
  • Related tools: Pages like this contain helpful tools for that WikiProject, common reference links, as well as other resources
  • Completeness tracking: Pages like the WikiProject:Universities show what percentage of items have certain properties
  • Lists: This page from WikiProject:Every Politician for the country of South Africa shows what exists and what still needs to be added on Wikidata
  • To-do lists: Areas of the project that require attention