Training modules/dashboard/slides/20502-add-assignments-for-additional-wikis

Add assignments to track additional wikisEdit

To track contribution to articles beyond the Program's home wiki, assign articles to participants in your event.

  • Go to the Editors tab and click "Assign articles".
  • Choose an editor, and click "Assign an article" (or "+/-" if there is already an article assigned).
  • Paste the url of a relevant article from a wiki you want to track, and click "Assign".

Another option is to specify "Available Articles" on the Articles tab. These articles are not assigned to any particular editor, but will still ensure tracking of that edits on that wiki.

  • Go to the Articles tab and scroll to the bottom.
  • Click "Add an available article" and paste an article url.

Only a single assigned/available article is required for each wiki you want to track. All edits to that wiki by the participants during the timeframe of the Program will be pulled in.