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Event themesEdit

Europeana sponsored a series of editathons focused on Fashion, which provided a powerful organizing focus and theme for the institutions and audiences involved. However, local organizers gave each event their own locally relevant spin.

Most editing events have a theme that can appeal to your audience and encourage participation. A theme reflects the core concept of the event, and gives clear expectations to participants with regard to what they can contribute and learn by taking part of the event. Additionally, themes help people feel motivated to participate in the event. Members of the public who have never contributed to Wikimedia projects may not know why a broad call to “edit Wikipedia” is important.

Effective themes have the following characteristics:

  • Your host organization or broadly available digital research platforms have significant secondary and tertiary research about these topics (see the English Wikipedia guideline for identifying reliable sources).
  • At least one of the participants supporting the event is knowledgeable about the broad topic. Having a knowledgeable person available can help participants with little understanding of the topic, navigate the right research materials and place the correct emphasis on content.
  • The topic will appeal to your expected participants. For example, Art+Feminism focuses on gender-activists, artists, and cultural heritage professionals as their audience, the theme of “Women in the arts” tends to appeal to all of these audiences.