Single Uiser Login finalisation annooncemant/Personal annooncemant

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Yer accoont will be renamed


The deveeloper team at Wikimedia is makin some chynges til hou accoonts wairk, aes pairt o oor oan-gaun efforts tae provide new n better tuils fer oor uisers like cross-wiki annooncemants. Thir chynges will mean that ye hae the same accoont name awsteids. This will lat us gie ye new featurs that will heelp ye tae eedit n tauk better, an allou mair flexible uiser permeessions fer tuils. Yin o the side-effects o this is that uiser accoonts will nou hae tae be uneeque across aw 900 Wikimedia wikis. See the annooncemant fer mair information.

Onfortunatelie, yer accoont clashes wi anither accoont cried {{subst:PAGENAME}} ava. Tae mak sair that baith o ye can uise Wikimedia's wikis in futur, we will be renamin yer accoont til {{subst:PAGENAME}}~{{WIKI}}. Yer accoont will be renamed in Apryle 2015, alang wi ae nummer o ither accoonts.

Yer accoont will still wairk aes afore, n ye'll be creeditit fer aw o yer eedits dun sae faur, bit ye'll hae tae uise the new accoont name whan ye log in. Gif ye dinna like yer new uisername, ye can request that yer accoont be renamed again uisin this form.

Sairrie fer the onconveeneeance.

Keegan Peterzell
Community Liaison, Wikimedia Foundation