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  • Personal info: Hello, this is my second confirmation as a steward.

    Last year the main issues that were brought up about my stewardship were low activity that also had a large gap in it. This time I have managed to be active quite evenly throughout the year. The total quantitative statistics of my stewardship aren't great, but if you discount global blocks and locks which were not the areas I have focused on, you will find me somewhere in the middle of the list actions wise.

    What I did focus on was primarily permission management on SRP and SRGP, communication with WMF in the monthly calls (I've attended roughly a half of them) as well as with the fellow stewards via our communication channels. The most uncommon actions I have taken this tenure were a couple of bigdelete usages in some major Wikipedias, requested at SRM. I've also been doing some user renames, being one of the two Ukrainian and one of the few Russian speakers with the access, as well as an amount of GS domain actions. Actions aside I was trying to be active in Wikimedia Stewards User Group, in particular making sure we do not stand asides regarding branding open letter. I've also done some outreach explaining the role of the stewards to other users, especially Ukrainian community and to lesser extent Russian community and just individual Wikimedians or groups of them on various formal and informal platforms (chats, regular virtual meetings, a Wikiconference)

    The challenges I've faced mostly are related to being conscious with the boundary I have to keep regarding my home community while also being helpful to deal with LTAs originating from it. I do act when I need to, and try to inform the community members on where the boundary shall lie, but if this ends up being uncomfortable I plan discussing it at a relevant administrator forum.

    If I am confirmed for another tenure I will continue doing at least the same, I do also hope to login to OTRS more, potentially dedicate some more time to do some counter-vandalism work I mostly prioritise low for myself. I hope to also work on some technical tools. It is heart-warming for me to see that many stewards are using my GIPBE logging gadget created last tenure for instance. I am also looking forward towards WMF figuring out the procedure to verify people's 2FA statuses proactively, I plan to get involved in this if there is room to help. If not confirmed I still plan to eventually work on the technical things, will stick around the usergroup and will probably eventually request permissions necessary to do some of the actions I've been doing as a steward, such as global renames.

    Thank you for the feedback and I am looking forward finally hitting 10 years as a Wikimedian this year either as a steward or not :) And for those reading the same day I wrote this, Happy Wikipedia Day! --Base (talk) 10:14, 15 January 2021 (UTC)[reply]
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