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I have been part the Wikimedia movement in one way or another since 2007.

This is my volunteer account. I have edited the Wikimedia projects in other capacities using different accounts. See the list of my conflicts of interests.

Things I signedEdit


  • "An earthquake achieves what the law promises but does not in practice maintain: the equality of all men." Ignazio Silone
  • "The problem with Wikipedia is that it only works in practice. In theory, it's a total disaster." Gareth Owen
  • "Remember, your edit count is not your IQ, value as a human being, or a score in a video game. It does not determine your worth as a Wikipedian. It does not cure cancer or grant you a seat on the secret spaceship that will be traveling to Mars when the Krulls return to destroy the planet in 2012. Don't let it bother you. It's just a number in the database." Slashdot
  • "If there is a Hell, I think it is an encyclopedia, and you can just look up what everyone in your life thought about you. And if there is a Heaven, it's a Wikipedia, and you can just change that." John Mulaney to Stephen Colbert
  • "A laugh is actually a feeling of superiority to something." Jim Carrey
  • "The trouble about fighting for human freedom is that you have to spend much of your life defending sons of bitches: for oppressive laws are always aimed at them originally." H.L. Mencken
  • "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice, there is." Yogi Berra
  • "Having our door open to all would-be editors has its advantages. However, it does mean we get fools, including well-meaning fools, nasty fools, and smart people who sometimes do something foolish." Jim H