User:David Wadie Fisher-Freberg/Conflict of interest

This page recounts, for full disclosure and transparency, all roles, grants, and professional contributions I made across Wikimedia projects.


I currently use the following Wikimedia accounts:

Username Organisation Job title(s)/role(s) Active since
David Wadie Fisher-Freberg globalcontribs volunteer account; formerly:
  • Sysop, idwiki (February 2013-current)
  • Sysop, minwiki (May 2013-current)
  • Checkuser & oversight, idwiki (January 2021-current)
December 17, 2011
RamzyM (WMF) globalcontribs Wikimedia Foundation December 22, 2020
RamzyM globalcontribs Unaffiliated, mostly for my contributions as a member of Wikimedia Indonesia and for things related to Wikimedia movement governance (account on internal wiki) - May 9, 2021

Accounts that I've forgotten the password to:

A particular college IP address I used between October 2007 and August 2008: (an IPv4 address linked to University of Technology Malaysia)

Grants receivedEdit

Grant Granting organisation Period Report
WikiDialek: Merekam Minangkabau Wikimedia Indonesia November 2019 - March 2020 Report
Wikimania 2019 Scholarship (full) Wikimedia Foundation August 2019 Report
WikiNusantara 2019 Scholarship (full) Wikimedia Indonesia April 2019 Report