Movement Strategy and Governance

Movement Strategy and Governance supports the participation of Wikimedia communities and affiliates in the Movement Strategy initiatives. We also support major policy and governance matters, such as Terms of Use, Code of Conduct or Board elections.

Who we areEdit

The Movement Strategy and Governance team belongs to the Community Resilience and Sustainability division of Wikimedia Foundation's Legal Department. The team includes the Movement Strategy core team as well as a number of facilitators specializing in different wiki projects, languages and regions. Facilitators connect volunteers, communities and affiliates with our tasks in order to get feedback, thoughts and listen to their concerns. Our goal is to achieve a common understanding and agreement of how an initiative can be implemented.

Learn more about the team on the Movement Strategy and Governance team page.

What we doEdit

The Movement Strategy and Governance team’s work is guided by the Wikimedia Foundation's Annual Plan. The Annual Plan supports a Thriving Movement around community governance and related support systems.


  1. Supporting the Movement Strategy governance reform with equitable participation
  2. Encouraging robust input of both established and at least 30 emerging communities
  3. Providing strategic access to Movement Strategy grants for community groups and individuals, in cooperation with the Community Resources team.
  4. Ensuring better access to data and information about opportunities to advance the Movement Strategy.

Other activitiesEdit

  1. Outreach and supporting the Elections Committee and elections volunteers during the 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election.
  2. Supporting major policy updates. This includes facilitating feedback with the Trust and Safety Policy team for the Universal Code of Conduct enforcement protocol. This reflects input of both established and at least 25 emerging communities.

How we support the FoundationEdit

The Movement Strategy and Governance team provides several types of support to community-oriented programs. These programs are typically determined as part of the Annual Plan.

  • Multilingual and multi-regional Movement engagement in targeted topic areas:
    • Engaging in 10 major Wikimedia project languages; more languages are possible depending on availability of facilitators and pre-approved requests.
    • Regional coverage of Wikimedia major regions: ESEAP, South Asia, MENA, East Africa, West Africa, CEE, Western Europe, Latin America, and North America.
    • Support for specific countries is possible depending on availability of facilitators and pre-approved requests.
  • Facilitation of community processes such as conversations and elections, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Contact usEdit

You can reach us by leaving a message in our talk page.

If you need to contact us privately (about general topics or Movement Strategy), please email us at

For enquiries regarding the Universal Code of Conduct project, send an email


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Users by language
Quim Gil (he/him)
Director, Movement Strategy and Governance
Cologne, Germany
ca-N, es-N, en-3, de-1, fr-1
qgil wikimedia org
Manager, Movement Strategy Facilitators
kpeterzell wikimedia org
Keegan (WMF)
Project Manager, Movement Strategy
Denver, United States
nphan wikimedia org
NPhan (WMF)
Kaarel Vaidla (he/him)
Process Architect, Movement Strategy
et-N, en-4, fr-3, ru-2
kvaidla wikimedia org
KVaidla (WMF)
Event Coordinator, Movement Strategy
São Paulo, Brazil
DE-n, en-3, pt-3, es-2
ckibelka-ctr wikimedia org
CKibelka (WMF)
French Language Facilitation Specialist
mpossoupe wikimedia org
MPossoupe (WMF)
Denis Barthel (he/him)
Western and Northern Europe Facilitation Specialist
Berlin, Germany
de-N, en-3, nl-1
dbarthel wikimedia org
DBarthel (WMF)
Denis Barthel
Senior Movement Strategy Specialist
ypam wikimedia org
YPam (WMF)
Aida Akhmedova (she/her)
Central and Eastern Europe Facilitation Specialist
The Netherlands
ky-N, ru-N, en-4, uzb-1, sv-1, tr-1
aakhmedova wikimedia org
AAkhmedova (WMF)
East and Southeast Asia & Pacific Facilitation Specialist
vchang wikimedia org
VChang (WMF)
Lead Strategist, Movement Strategy
Chicago, United States
helyoussef wikimedia org
HEl-Youssef (WMF)
Knowledge Management Coordinator, Movement Strategy
ar-N, en-4, de-2, fr-1, he-1
adiraneyya-ctr wikimedia org
Abbad (WMF)
عباد ديرانية
Facilitator, Middle East and North Africa
ar-N, en-4
msalman-ctr wikimedia org
Mervat (WMF)
Facilitator, East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific
id-N, ms-N, min-N, en-5
ramzym-ctr wikimedia org
RamzyM (WMF)
David Wadie Fisher-Freberg
Facilitator, Sub-Saharan Africa
zuz-ctr wikimedia org
Zuz (WMF)
Facilitator, Central and Eastern Europe & Central Asia
Belgrade, Serbia
en-N, sr-N, hr-N
BPipal (WMF)
Facilitator, Central and Eastern Europe & Central Asia
en:Warsaw, en:Poland
pl-N, en-4, de-2, it-1
mnadzikiewicz-ctr wikimedia org
MNadzikiewicz (WMF)
Facilitator, Latin America (Spanish)
es-N, en-3
oscar-ctr wikimedia org
Oscar . (WMF)
Oscar .
Facilitator, Latin America (Portuguese)
Lisbon, Portugal
pt-br-N, es-4, en-3, it-1
tila-ctr wikimedia org
TCappelletto (WMF)
Facilitator, South Asia
hi-N, bn-N
csinha-ctr wikimedia org
CSinha (WMF)
Facilitator, Japanese communities
jnakayama-ctr wikimedia org