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Committee Support

Committee Support provides essential staff support for movement committees and groups to help sustain movement governance and health. The team is part of the Community Resilience and Sustainability area of the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department.

The team

Jack Glover (Xeno)

Senior Committee Support Manager

Keegan Peterzell

Lead Committee Support Specialist

Dumisani Ndubane

Senior Governance Committee Strategist

Manavpreet Kaur

Senior Committee Support Specialist

Ramzy Muliawan

Committee Support Specialist

Nhu Phan

Senior Project Manager, Community Resilience and Sustainability

Contact us:

How we work


The Committee Support team fosters collaboration between movement groups and supporting organizations to achieve shared goals. The objectives of the team are to ensure volunteers who support the Wikimedia movement through these groups can experience healthy engagements, function effectively, and maintain confidence in their ability to receive and provide necessary support.

By coordinating with other teams in the Foundation, the team provides various support to several movement groups including, but not limited to:

The team also helps coordinate support to and from movement groups and the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, especially Community Affairs Committee liaisons. The team looks ahead to anticipate the needs of movement committees and groups that may exist in the future and how to help these groups coordinate with existing groups.

Contact us

To whom do I go if I have a question/inquiry about... Team member to contact
Affiliations Committee Dumisani, Manavpreet
Arbitration Committee(s) Jack, Ramzy
Case Review Committee Keegan
Elections Committee Ramzy, Keegan
Ombuds Commission Jack, Keegan
Wikimedia stewards Jack
Movement Charter Drafting Committee Nhu, Ramzy
Universal Code of Conduct committee(s) Keegan, Ramzy
Overall staff support for Wikimedia committees Jack, Nhu