Wikimedia Foundation/Legal/Community Resilience and Sustainability

Community Resilience and Sustainability

Community Resilience and Sustainability is a team in the Wikimedia Foundation's Legal department, led by the Vice President of Community Resilience & Sustainability Maggie Dennis. Subteams currently include Committee Support, Human Rights, and Trust and Safety. We also lead and support on special projects for the Foundation and movement under the direction of the office of the Foundation's CEO.

The team

Maggie Dennis

Vice President

Jan Eissfeldt

Director, Global Head of Trust & Safety

Kaarel Vaidla

Lead Movement Process Architect

Abhas Tripathi

Manager, Trust & Safety (Disinformation)

How we work

Sustainability and Resilience are essential to the wellbeing of groups with shared aims. They refer to the ability of a community to thrive in terms of its systems, structures, and community relationships over time, and to the capacity of the community to absorb and recover from damage or threat.

The goal of the Community Resilience and Sustainability team of the Wikimedia Foundation is to support the movement in maturing its systems to achieve the key essential factors of both resilience and sustainability on the journey towards the sum of all human knowledge. This is achieved through directly providing programs, administering core services for the Foundation’s role as platform provider in partnership with Legal Affairs, and through supporting, as appropriate, the work of other teams.


Committee Support

The Committee Support team fosters collaboration between movement groups and supporting organizations to achieve shared goals. The objectives of the team are to ensure volunteers who support the Wikimedia movement through these groups can experience healthy engagements, function effectively, and maintain confidence in their ability to receive and provide necessary support.

Human Rights

This team works towards mitigating risks and threats to individual contributors and groups supporting our knowledge resources.

Trust & Safety

Trust and Safety (T&S) identifies, builds and – as appropriate – staffs processes which keep our users safe.

Conversation hours

Community Resilience and Sustainability aims to host quarterly conversation hours to help improve understanding of their work and offer opportunities for conversation. These conversations are live streamed via YouTube. Community members have the option of joining the facilitated conversation in-person in the Zoom room. A combination of pre-submitted questions and questions asked live will be answered during the conversations.

For a list of these conversations and notes from them, please see Category:CR&S meetings. These conversation hours were previously known as IRC or office hours. See a listing of conversation hours and notes from 2022 and earlier.