Movement Charter/Drafting Committee

The Movement Charter Drafting Committee will create a document that will support the Wikimedia Movement in working together toward the Strategic Direction. The Committee's task is to draft the Movement Charter following the Movement Strategy recommendation “Equity in Decision-Making”. The task also includes research and consulting with communities, experts, and organizations. The final draft will eventually need to gain consensus by a Wikimedia Movement-wide ratification.

Movement Charter Drafting Committee at the Wikimedia Summit 2022.

The Committee was formed on 1 November 2021 through a combination of elections and other selection methods. The Committee is expected to keep working until the Movement Charter is ratified, which the current timeline forecasts in late 2023. The group includes 15 members from projects, affiliates, and the Wikimedia Foundation. For further detail consult Drafting Committee matrices. According to the prior agreement, Members may receive an allowance to offset participation costs. It is US$100 every two months.


The Movement Charter Drafting Committee will publish at least one update on or around the 10th day of each month. Those updates provide a short summary of the Committee's work once a month. Additionally, there will be a newsletter to which users can subscribe and receive announcements about important events, calls for feedback and consultations that the Committee organizes.


The Movement Charter Drafting Committee's task requires a clear internal organization. The list below contains the current and future documents that are intended to explain how the Committee works.

Published in Document Short description
January 2022 Drafting Committee Principles The document describes the principles that will guide the Drafting Committee's future work. For example, it includes: The Committee's task and mandate, its relationship with the Wikimedia communities and organizations, among other things.
February 2022 Internal decision-making The document describes how the Drafting Committee members make decisions among themselves.
April 2022 MCDC Code of Conduct The document describes criteria for engagement, and the process for removing a member from the committee.
August 2022 Movement Charter Outline Table of contents of the Movement Charter, listing its main chapters (the chapters themselves are being drafted).
October 2022 Movement Charter Drafting Methodology Description of the process of how the Movement Charter content will be drafted, and how the community and the movement will be involved.


List of members (based on the official announcement, 2021-11-01):

Photo Name Roles Introduction
  Anass Sedrati (Anass Sedrati) Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Communications sub-committee

Research sub-committee

Global Council drafting group
I am active in Wikimedia projects since 2013. I edit Wikipedia on several languages, and contribute to launch new versions in under-resourced languages as well. I am a co-founder of Wikimedia Morocco User group (Board member), Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group, and Arabic Wikimedians User Group. I have participated actively in different projects and initiatives, including being a Wikimedia 2030 Working group member (advocacy), the strategy liaison for Arabic language (WMF – contractor), member of the transition design group, and member of the connectors group, participating in writing the final 2030 recommendations.
  Anne Clin (Risker) Preamble drafting group

Research sub-committee

Hubs drafting group
I come to this role with a wide variety of experience. On my own project (English Wikipedia), I am an Administrator, CheckUser and Oversighter. I was formerly a member of the Arbitration Committee for 5 years. I am also a member of the Volunteer Response Team.

My global experience includes being a current member of Wikimedia Communications Committee; a former member of the Funds Dissemination Committee; and a member of the Roles & Responsibilities Strategy 2030 team. I facilitated the Elections Committee for the 2013 Wikimedia Foundation elections.

  Ciell (Ciell) Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Communications sub-committee

Hubs drafting group
I stumbled upon Wikipedia in 2006 after a trip to New Zealand and the Cook Islands, and enjoyed sharing my photos very much. Currently I have admin rights on several projects (nl-wp, pap-wp, Commons), am a VRT-agent (former OTRS), and a Central Notice admin on Meta. I am also involved in several projects such as Gender Gap, Wiki Loves Monuments international, and European lobby, all in both on- and offline collaborations.
  Daria Cybulska Values & Principles drafting group

Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Hubs drafting group
  • Staff at Wikimedia UK since 2012, closely involved in the development of the chapter
  • Member of Wikimedia Poland
  • Participated in 5 Wikimedia Conferences (aka the Summits), including the discussions on the Movement Dialogue, and the opening discussions of the 2030 vision
  • Part of the 2030 Wikimedia strategy project
  Érica Azzellini (EricaAzzellini) Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Communications sub-committee

Decision-making drafting group
I fell in love with Wikimedia through an Education program when I was a Social Communication student. I started to organize edit-a-thons to tackle the gender gap on Wikipedia. I became a Wikimedian in Residence, and developed the Mbabel tool. I’m a Wiki Movimento Brasil liaison. In my professional capacity, I serve as Communications Manager for the affiliate, which means that I’m involved in community support and consultations, partnership building and Wikimedia outreach. I’m also leading the development of WMB’s own strategy based on the Movement Strategy recommendations. I’m the organization lead for the Brazilian team organizing WikidataCon this year.
  Georges Fodouop (Geugeor) Values & Principles drafting group

Research sub-committee

Global Council drafting group

Hubs drafting group
I am an active member and Co-founder of Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group. I have contributed to Wikimedia projects since 2013. During all these years, I have coordinated several projects: Wiki Loves Women, like Wikimedian in residence, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Earth, Afripedia, the WikiChallenge Ecoles d'Afrique project. I am a member of Wiscom (WikiIndaba Steering Committee); 1Lib1Ref ambassador for French-speaking countries. I am a member of the grants commission (Microfi) of Wikimedia France. I have also actively contributed to the organization of several strategic salons which have enabled us to make our modest contribution to the Movement Strategy. Board member and secretary of WikiFranca, since November 2021.
  Jorge Vargas (JVargas WMF) Values & Principles drafting group

Hubs drafting group
I joined the Wikimedia Foundation in September 2013, allowing me to connect with the Movement across several forums and geographies in many opportunities. In my role with the Foundation's Partnerships Team (initially with a focus in Latin America, and now leading the Regional Managers team for almost 5 years), I've had the opportunity to meet and work with Affiliates and movement leaders globally, and better understand more particularly the needs of those outside of the United States and Europe.
  Manavpreet Kaur (Manavpreet Kaur) Preamble drafting group

Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Communications sub-committee

Research sub-committee

Global Council drafting group
Started off as an editor on Punjabi Wikipedia creating content about Forensic Science. Later expanded to Hindi. As a teacher at University, I engaged my students, started planning activities, events & realising my inclination towards outreach & engagement, later moved to designing programs, initiatives and building institutional collaborations with support of other affiliate members in India. Some of the programs organized in collaboration with fellow wikimedians & regional communities are- WikiConference India 2016, Strategy Salon Patiala, 2017, Women TTT 2019, WikiGap 2019, Armenian-Indian collaboration/2019, Wiki4Women 2020, Syberthon 2020, WikiGap-Wiki4Womxn 2021 (India).
  Michał Buczyński (Aegis Maelstrom) Preamble drafting group

Global Council drafting group

Decision-making drafting group
  •, editor since 2004
  • admin since 2005, translator, Wikimedia Polska member since 2006, member of the first ArbCom.
  • In 2012–2018 vice-president, since 2018 president of the Wikimedia Poland, a wonderful, mission-oriented chapter working with volunteer support, GLAM, education, and more.
  Pepe Flores (Padaguan) Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Research sub-committee

Hubs drafting group

Decision-making drafting group
I have been member of Wikimedia Mexico's board since 2013. I'm currently President of the chapter since September 2021. I was an organizer of Wikimania 2015, and represented WMMX at Wikimedia Conference (2015, 2016), WikiConference North America (2016, 2019) and Wikimania (2015, 2019).

My main activities in Wikimedia Mexico are focused in strategy, outreach, communications, advocacy, regional affairs, and community building. As a digital rights activist, I'm involved in policy discussions regarding privacy, freedom of speech, and free culture.

  Ravan J Al-Taie (Ravan) Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Communications sub-committee
Through the last 13 years, I've gained a very wide & diverse experience in various Wikimedia projects as a volunteer, an admin, an AffCom member and recently a part time Contractor. I have almost 19,000 edits and around 850 articles created and translated by me.

I've founded the Iraqi Wikimedians User Group back in 2015, the first user group in Iraq. I also co-founded Wikiwomen Prize Competition in 2015. I've created and managed various editathons and workshops, as well as helped in founding Sorani Kurdish User group. I organized WLM competition for Iraq for 3 years.

  Reda Kerbouche (Reda Kerbouche) Preamble & Values drafting group

Research sub-committee
Founding member of Wikimedians of Tamazight UG and Wikimedia Community of Saint Petersburg User Group (Board member), a member of WikiIndaba Steering Committee, affiliate representative in WikiFranca, member of the grant committee of the Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, former member of Wikimedia Algeria and AffCom. Active member of the community since 2010. I speak Russian, French, Darija, Arabic, Tacawit, and work in English. I have worked for developing Tamazight and in 2019 I was able to start the creation process of the Tacawit Wiktionary (the first language community to found itself on a project other than Wikipedia).
  Richard (Nosebagbear) Preamble drafting group

Research sub-committee

Decision-making drafting group
After a false start back in 2012, I fell into the rabbit hole in 2018 and have been active since. I'm especially active in OTRS (now VRT) response agent, primarily working with those with absolutely no Wikimedia experience. I became an en-wiki admin in 2019, which was also around the time that I became highly active in the Strategy side of the movement. This has run from participation in every phase of almost every recommendation, the prioritisation discussions, the UCOC, and every discussion we've had to implement the 2030 strategy. This included helping craft the compromise selection method for the MCDC.
  Richard Knipel (Pharos) Values & Principles drafting group

Roles & Responsibilities drafting group

Decision-making drafting group
I've been active in the community movement since 2004, and have served as an administrator on English Wikipedia and Meta-Wiki, and formerly on Commons as well.

I have been active in the following organized groups, among others:

In response to last year's branding controversy, I and others helped organize these strategic initiatives:

  Runa Bhattacharjee (Runab WMF) Values & Principles drafting group I have a personal and a professional role inside the Wikimedia movement. In my personal capacity I am a contributor to Bangla and English Wikipedia, and Commons. In my professional role, I work at the Wikimedia Foundation providing operational support to seven feature teams as a Director in the Product Department.

At various times, I have participated in activities that the teams or the Product department have undertaken for product initiatives. A notable example is my participation in the development, maintenance, and communication outreach of the Content Translation tool from the WMF Language team.

Former membersEdit

Photo Name Membership period Introduction
  Alice Wiegand (Lyzzy) November 2021 – January 2022 I started in 2004 as an editor on German Wikipedia. Besides editing I was an administrator, bureaucrat, VRT agent and more. Early on, I realized that for me there is more to it than writing articles. I joined the Board of Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) from 2008 to 2011 and was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Board from 2012 to 2018.

Currently, I am a board member of Wikimedia Deutschland again. During the development of the 2030 strategy recommendations, I was a member of the Movement Strategy Working Group Advocacy. I have been following the Movement Strategy closely since then.

  Jamie Li-Yun Lin (Li-Yun Lin) November 2021 – April 2022
  • Board member of Wikimedia Taiwan (2016.03 – present)
  • Director of Wikipedia Asian Month (2019.09 – present)
  • Chinese interpreter and translator for Wikimedia movements (2017.09 – present)
  • Member of Community Health team for Wikimedia movement 2030 (2018.11 – 2019.12)
  • Program committee member of ESEAP conference (2018 2017.08 – 2018.05)
  • Project manager of Taiwan WikiProject Med (2016.03 – 2019.06)


To contact the Movement Charter Drafting Committee, please use the following email address: movementcharter

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