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Reading, therefore, is a co-production between writer and reader. The simplicity of this tool is astounding. So little, yet out of it whole worlds, eras, characters, continents, people never encountered before, people you wouldn’t care to sit next to in a train, people that don’t exist, places you’ve never visited, enigmatic fates, all come to life in the mind, painted into existence by the reader’s creative powers. In this way the creativity of the writer calls up the creativity of the reader. Reading is never passive..--- Ben Okri

About me

I joined Wikimedia Foundation as a participant during the Wikipedia in African Libraries Course which was organised by African Library and Information Associations and Institutions (AFLIA) with sponsorship from Wikimedia Foundation-Wikipedia. Subsequently, I started contributing to Wikipedia and other sister projects. I love the experience!

My work

I have participated as a student and facilitator under the Wikimedia Igbo User Group

As a Librarian, I am a volunteer and founder of Digital Library Forum. A social media platform for Librarians to share knowledge on current trends in Librarianship.

As a Craft Tutor, we teach paper, fabric, bead, and Upcyling crafts to children and interested partcipants at Nesky Craft and Decor

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