Wikimedia Summit 2022

The Wikimedia Summit 2022 took place on September 9-11 , 2022, as a hybrid event with both on-site (Berlin) and remote participation. Wikimedia Deutschland hosted the event in close collaboration and with the financial support of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Post-Conference reports

  • Program report (conference documentation of the conversations held at the conference, with links to slides, and notes from breakout group sessions)
  • Event report (evaluation of participant survey, lessons learned, financial report)
Group picture of on-site participants of the Wikimedia Summit

The Wikimedia Summit is the place for Affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation to come together to discuss and shape the future of the Wikimedia Movement. The 2022 event was designed around the implementation of the 2030 Movement Strategy, as well as intended to serve as a platform to advance the governance reform of the Wikimedia Movement (aligned with the ongoing drafting process of the Movement Charter). It also a place to connect better the global, regional, and local implementation of Movement Strategy programmatic initiatives.