Wikimedia Summit 2022/Thematic, regional, language-specific meetups

Thematic/regional/language-specific meetups edit

If you are planning a thematic/regional/language-specific meetup, please add it to the overview below. Please sign up if you want to join an existing meetup!

Meetups at the event venue are intended to take place 19:30 to 22:00 on Friday, September 9.

Please note that we are trying to fulfill all meeting requests as best as possible, we are however restricted to the amount of available rooms at the venue. Consequently, we will assign the meeting rooms for the meetups on a first come, first serve basis.  

Note: there won’t be any technical support in the meeting rooms for remote participation.

Meetup Name Description Initiator / Contact Person Participants Date&Time Meeting room

(suggested by event team)

CEE Meetup Meetup of Central and Eastern European affiliates and friends Delphine Ménard, Tisza Gergő List Friday, 18:00 Room 7
Education meet-up Gathering for those running or interested in running an education program LiAnna Davis, Wikipedia & Education User Group Add yourself here! Friday, 19:30 Dining area outside
Wikimedia Europe Meetup Informal meetup for representatives of founding members of Wikimedia Europe Anna Mazgal, Jan-Bart de Vreede Add yourself here Friday, 19:30 Room 3
ESEAP Movement Strategy Meetup Movement Strategy and Governance team meets with participants from the ESEAP region VChang (WMF) Add yourself here Friday, 19:30 Room 6
SWAN Social Meetup of those interested in giving feedback on and how to get involved with the Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network monthly calls. SWAN has emerged as a useful regular conduit between the community/affiliates and the WMF/board, since the cessation of the WMF monthly activities meeting. Join us to give suggestions on how to make SWAN more productive, as we welcome more help with leading this effort. Andrew Lih

Anna Torres Richard Knipel Tochi Precious

Add yourself here Friday, 21:00 and after Outside dining area by AffCom table
Affcom Affcom Jeffrey, Suyash, Wojciech, Benoît, Basak Add yourself here Friday, 19:30-20:30 Room 4
Bangla Wikimaitree meetup Meetup of the Bangla Wikimaitree representatives to discuss how to get started with the thematic hub (?network) on ground Bodhisattwa, Tarunno Add yourself here Friday, 19:30 Room 5
Grants Committee Meetup Meet up of Regional Grants Committee Members. Meet and greet followed by experience sharing. Abhishek Suryawanshi Add yourself here Friday, 19:30 Room 9
African Wikimedians meetup Meetup of African Wikimedians to discuss Wiki Indaba 2022, and share about Movement Strategy Implimentation initiatives in their countries. Geoffrey Kateregga Geoffrey Kateregga, Justice Okai-Allotey

Stella Agbley Tochiprecious

Friday, 19:30 Entrance
wikifranca Meet Up with Wikifranca members to discuss about implementation Updates Yasield Yasield Friday, 20:30 Terrace
Hub Latinoamericano (Iberocoop coord) Open discussion and confraternization about a Latin hub, or Linguistic Hub or regional Hub. Alhen Add yourself here Friday, 19:30 Terrace