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Justice Okai-Allotey
"I want to see a world where everyone enjoys the sum of all knowledge."

About me

I have been a Wikipedian since February of 2016, a Freelance Digital Amplifier and currently a volunteer member of Wikimedia Ghana User Group, an active advocate for mental health, the environment and a freelance photographer.

My work

I volunteer on a daily basis to make sure Wikimedia Ghana User Group looks good online. I believe in the vision of Wikipedia giving an opportunity for us to share in the sum of all knowledge especially in a developing country where access to this medium is a huge problem.

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Contact me

  • owulakpakpo(_AT_)
  • Twitter: (_AT_)Owula_Kpakpo
  • Facebook
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  EduWiki Outreach Community Specialist for Sub-Saharan Africa

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