Wikimedia Summit 2022/Online platform

General information concerning the Summit event platform edit

  • The event platform should be used by both online and on-site participants to create a truly hybrid event. Important information for and links for all participants will be shared on the platform.
  • The platform is compatible with mobile devices. However, we highly encourage you to use a laptop device for a more stable connection and optimized usability.
  • Our event platform is fully GDPR compliant. The video conference tools embedded into the platform are BigBlueButton and Jitsi.

How to access our event platform edit

  1. Use the link we sent you per email via You cannot create a password. You always need the link to login
  2. Each access link is personalized and automatically generated by our system. Access links cannot be shared among participants.
  3. Make sure you have your access link before the event starts. We will send you your access link at the beginning of each day of the summit in case you don’t find it anymore. Note that it will take us up to 24 hours to generate a new access link for you. If you don’t find your access link, please send us an email at

Familiarize yourself with the platform edit

When you access the platform you arrive automatically in our lobby. You can navigate through the platform by using the menu on the left side:

  • Edit your profile
    • You can change your profile picture
  • Have a look at our onboarding material and schedule
    • Click on the link in the lobby
  • Chat with other participants
    • Use the group chat to chat with everyone
    • You can see the full list of all participants by clicking on the word ‘participants’ above
    • You can look search for one particular participant by using the CTRL+F
    • You can send direct messages to one participant by clicking on their profile in the participant list
  • You need help?
    • Use the helpdesk to ask questions to our facilitation team
    • Use the support chat for questions related to trust and safety and technical issues

Navigate through the menu edit

Lobby edit

To join the event, click on the button ‘join the session’. If you join during a session on the main stage you will directly be redirected to the live stream. If you join during the breakout session you will be directed to the different breakout rooms.

Main stage edit

Everything happening on site on the main stage will be streamed here.

Online participants can write in the group chat during the live stream but can not speak.

Live streams can be replayed on demand for the whole duration of the event.

Breakout rooms edit

Each session will be split into 10 hybrid breakout rooms. Every online breakout room is connected to an on-site room at the event location in Berlin.

Both online and on-site breakout rooms are numbered from 3 to 12.

The color of each breakout rooms indicates the room capacity: Green = Free, Orange = Almost full, Red = Full

Social spaces edit

Both online and on-site participants can connect informally at any time of the event in these social spaces.

Once you click on “social space” you will automatically join a big blue button session. From this session, you can see which social space is still free and decide with one or several other participants which room you want to join to continue your conversation.

Diary edit

This google document will used as our daily narrative blog