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If you want to be sure that I don't forget what you've told me, prefer email delphine CHEZ notafish PUNTO org over IRC, and I am delphine or notafish on IRC. I tend to be a notagoldfish on IRC though, my memory just lapses.

C'est comme ça qu'on le dit en chinois.

notafish : inv. n. from English "not a fish" .
From Delphine, pronounced Delfin [de], or delfín [es] = dolphin, which, as everybody knows, is not a fish but a mammal
NB : notafish does not take a capital "n". Never. Ever. not even on this page :)


  • Delphine Ménard, French, native of this city, where my roots still are:  .
  • I studied two years in the US, one year in Austria and hold a degree in Political sciences and a post graduate degree in international communication and marketing. I worked three years in the wine business, starting in the vineyard and the cellar for wine-making up to selling the wine world-wide. I then changed jobs and started to work as an event manager in 1999, and have organised conferences, trade-shows, roadshows, concerts, street animations...both BtoB and BtoC. I worked for many advertising agencies and as a freelancer. I worked for three years as Chapters coordinator for the Wikimedia Foundation, half of it as a paid consultant. I worked as a training consultant in intercultural communication as well as in online and offline communication. I also did websites for wine producers. From 2016 to 2022, I have worked for the Wikimedia Foundation under the secret identity of Delphine (WMF), first as Program Officer for Annual Plan Grants then as Lead Orientation Specialist and finally as Manager of Staff Experience in Human Resources. I now work for APC as an HR Manager.
  • Delphine Ménard, française, racines à  .
  • J'ai étudié deux ans aux États-Unis, un an en Autriche et ai un diplôme de Sciences Politiques (IEP Bordeaux) et un DESS en communication internationale et marketing. J'ai travaillé trois ans dans le vin et la viticulture, commençant dans les vignes et la cave à m'amuser avec l'oenologie pour finir dans les bureaux à vendre du vin à travers le monde. J'ai ensuite changé de voie et travaillé comme chef de projet dans l'événementiel en 1999 et j'ai organisé depuis toutes sortes d'événements, tant en BtoB qu'en BtoC, conférences, séminaires, roadshows, concerts, street marketing... J'ai longtemps travaillé pour des agences et à mon compte. J'ai travaillé trois ans comme "chapters coordinator" pour la Wikimedia Foundation. J'ai travaillé en tant que consultante formatrice, notamment dans le management stratégique et la communication interculturelle ainsi que online et offline. J'ai fait aussi des sites web pour des producteurs de vin. À partir de 2016 jusqu'en 2022 j'ai travaillé pour la Wikimedia Foundation sous mon identité secrète : Delphine (WMF), d'abord en tant que "Program Officer for Annual Plan Grants" ensuite en tant que Lead Orientation Specialist et enfin en tant que Manager, Staff experience, dans les ressources humaines. Depuis juillet 2023 je travaille pour APC en tant que Manager RH.
  • Je parle français (œuf corse), anglais, allemand, italien et espagnol et j'habite en Allemagne.
  • Delphine Ménard, Französin, Wurzeln in  , Frankreich.
  • Ich habe 2 Jahre in den USA studiert, ein Jahr in Österreich, habe ein Diplom in Politikwissenschaft und ein Post graduate degree in Marketing und Internationaler Kommunikation. Ich habe drei Jahre im Wein-Bereich gearbeitet, sowohl im Weingut als im Keller, und dann im Büro, um den Wein zu verkaufen. Ich habe dann als Event Managerin gearbeitet und habe Konferenzen, Roadshows, Seminaren, Street Marketing Happenings rund um die Welt organisiert, sowohl in BtoB als auch in BtoC. Ich habe sowohl für Agenturen als auch als Freelance gearbeitet. Ich habe 3 Jahre als Chapters Coordinator der Wikimedia Foundation gearbeitet (sowohl als Freiwillige als auch als Staff). Ich habe gearbeitet als Kommunikationsberaterin in dem Bereich interkulturelle Kommunikation, sowohl in den Bereichen Online- als auch Offline-Kommunikation. Ich habe auch auch kleine Websites für Weinproduzenten gemacht. Von Juni 2016 bis 2022 habe ich für die Wikimedia Foundation unter geheimer Identität gearbeitet: Delphine (WMF), erst als "Program Officer for Annual Plan Grants" danach als Lead Orientation Specialist un Manager of Staff Experience in HR. Seit 2023 arbeite ich für APC als HR Manager.
  • Ich spreche Französich, Englisch, Deutsch, Italienisch und Spanisch, und wohne in Deutschland.
  • I joined the project in October 2004, through the Firefox crew picks, which provided a link to Wikipedia. I started editing the French Wikipedia and joined Commons at its beginnings, attracted by its multilingualism and its diverse community.
  • I became an admin on fr in January 2005, an admin on Commons sometimes later that same month. I became an admin on the French Wikinews much later, I'm not sure I am still an admin there. I was an admin here, though.
  • I was the "international" lead organizer for Wikimania 2005, Wikimania 2006 and Wikimania 2008.
  • I became Chapter coordinator in August 2005, then helped create the Chapters committee in January/February 2006 and was hired part time by the Wikimedia Foundation as Chapters coordinator in February 2007. I wrapped up my role as Chapters coordinator on September 30th, 2008.
  • I was a member of the AffCom and then an adviser to the AffCom for the longest time.
  • I have been on the board of Wikimedia France from 2006/07 and 2009/10 as a treasurer. I was a member of the board of Wikimedia Deutschland from 2010, I was treasurer in 2011 and vice-president until November 2013. I was an elected member of the Funds Dissemination Committee from 2013 to 2015.
  • I have worked for the Wikimedia Foundation until the beginning of 2022. I worked first as Program Officer for Annual Plan Grants, I was the Strategy Liaison between the Wikimedia Foundation and the movement strategy process and I worked in HR, as a Lead Orientation Specialist and as a Manager of Staff Experience.
  • The real reason why I joined was because there was no article about Greta Garbo in the French Wikipedia. Now, there is one.
  • The reason why I stayed is because I met people, who became friends and who amazed me by their dedication (or was it addiction?). I got involved in Foundation affairs, helped organize Wikimania, got caught up in the whole thing...
  • I am interested in working to see Wikimedia develop into a structured and strong international organisation, able to sustain the projects and what they stand for, ie. free knowledge for all.



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