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Rachid Ourkia

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Member & Volunteer, Wikimedia MA User Group


"Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality" --- Dalaï-lama

About me


I am a Wikimedian from Aït Melloul,I work as web developer freelancer. I have many interests such as linguistics, history, politics, music,photography and film making.

My work


I joined Wikimedia MA User Group as a member and hence the Wikimedian community as an editor, volunteer and an affiliate to the Wikimedia MA User Group. I mostly work with editing articles in Arabic, English, French and sometimes I also help Wikimedia MA User Group with outreach initiatives and projects such as Wiki Loves Monuments. I also work on improving the multimedia content related to Morocco as well as some data import into Wikidata. As a Wikipedia editor I try to avoid bias and to be neutral, so my edits are often not perfect. However, I try to avoid being offensive and to edit with the aim of contributing to better content for everyone. I believe that the world has enough problems and Wikipedia is the first place where we can talk about them in an impartial manner

Contact me


Wikimedia username: Rachidourkia.

Facebook:click to see my facebook profile