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About Me

I am Chinwendu Peace Anyanwu Akwugo, alumna @ University of Benin(Nigeria). I am well spiced in Phonetics Transcription and Translation and am very Smart in language Morphological data analysis. I am a competent native speaker of Igbo language, well spiced in written and verbal Igbo. I Love contributing to Wikimedia Foundation projects.I have participated as a Student and as an Instructor in Wikimedia projects. I am a member of the

I joined the Movement during the Decolonise the internet (Nigeria) a contest hosted by the Wikimedia Nigeria to bridge the gender gap on the Internet and since then I do contribute more to bridging gender gap. Also the contest Asọmpi Mkpụrụokwu otu Nari that involves building the Igbo Wiktionary,this is another project that motivated me to contribute More to language Visibility.I love contributing to translation projects and visiting heritage sites. I have joined so many competitions, trainings and teachings here

Silverwiki 2 za zásluhy.png Onye ntụgharị Pụrụ iche n'afọ 2022
Anyị n'ekele gị maka ọrụ ị na-arụ na Wikipidia Igbo. Daalụ maka ịtụgharị edemede karịrị nari anọ. Ị mere nke ọma, jisie ike!
You get a Write for the Rights medal Barnstar from us, for your great contribution in the Write for the Rights Nigeria 2022 contest, and to the visibility of LGBT+ persons on Wikipedia.

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  • E-mail: peacetilo92@gmail.com
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