About me

Hi everyone! I am French and I work for Wikimedia Deutschland, the German chapter of the Wikimedia Movement.

This account is solely used for the editing of Wikimedia projects and on behalf of Wikimedia Deutschland.

My work

I joined Wikimedia Deutschland's Movement Strategy and Global Relations team in September 2021. Since then, I have been working with partners and colleagues on diverse projects to support the implementation of our Movement Strategy:

  • WIKIMOVE: A Podcast about the future of our Movement
  • Wikimedia Summit: A conference where the Affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation come together to discuss and shape the future of the Wikimedia Movement.
  • Wikimedia Europe: An organization formed of European Affiliates whose aim is to shape European regulation in terms of free knowledge, access to information and freedom of expression.

Contact me

  • E-mail: eva.martin(_AT_)wikimedia.de
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