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A Podcast for our Movement

With WIKIMOVE we aim to keep information flowing and ensure an easy form of update and involvement for everybody who wishes to know where we stand moving towards Wikimedia 2030. The podcast aims to be a forum for open and frank conversations about topics related to movement strategy.

What is WIKIMOVE about?

The topics can be derived from the strategic direction, the recommendations, the principles, the initiatives, or even larger issues and concepts from the knowledge ecosystem or beyond that are relevant to the transformation of the Wikimedia movement. By creating this space we hope to let the audience know about the latest happenings, new ideas, present opportunities to participate, contribute and provide feedback. We hope that new ideas are born from the conversations and collaborations kick-started.

What can you expect of WIKIMOVE?

The show will be a space for respectful exchange and mutual support. Looking into the future, optimistically, rather than complaining about the past or present. While paying respect to the ‘old’ movement, critically questioning colonial and unequitable systems, structures, policies, narratives and habits. Shining a light on those who try new things, develop innovations, whether they succeed or fail while doing so. Iteration, ambiguity, and uncertainty are welcome. We especially welcome people with questions, and don’t expect ready made solutions.

Who are the guests?

People who are working on 2030 initiatives, or are participating in the governance reform, people who come from underrepresented communities, people from other movements who have experiences and inspiration to share. We aim to strengthen mutuality and solidarity and to show that there are people inside and outside of our movement that have already developed solutions for our challenges and questions.

The Hosts

Nicole Ebber (left) and Nikki Zeuner (right) in the WIKIMOVE set.

Contact us

We are looking forward to hearing from you! You can write to us at or on our talk page.