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The Wikimedia Foundation Community Affairs Committee (CAC) is a Board committee that was established on 24 February 2021. It aims is to "assess, explore and address current and future community-related efforts. Its main goal is to work with both Wikimedia Foundation staff and the wider Wikimedia community in order to bridge conflicts and offer guidance, with a main goal of continuously improving the relationships between the Wikimedia Foundation and its wider community, as well as working jointly to achieve the mission and vision of the Wikimedia Movement, while considering the different needs of the Wikimedia Foundation, our communities and users around the world."

The CAC's scope and responsibilities are laid out in its charter. The Committee's main priorities for the coming fiscal year of 2021-2022 are:

  • Create a periodic plan to help prioritize community-related tasks and determine what the Committee should be focusing on.
  • Engage with and support community-related aspects of the movement strategy.
  • Engage directly with key staff to ensure there is a formalized strategy and implementation plan for board communications with communities, which is integrated with larger movement communication strategies, in order to support better collaboration and understanding of ongoing community discussions.
  • Address new sister site applications, including creating a formalized procedure, from application to approval / disapproval - pause till GC.


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