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Wikimedia projects exist so the future of humanity may have access to the sum of all knowledge. This boy is who we are working for.

I mainly edit as TonyBallioni on the English Wikipedia, where I am a sysop, CheckUser, and oversighter. I edit under this username on all projects through SUL. I also hold global renamer rights and help out a bit on OTRS. If I have taken an action based on an email to OTRS on Commons, please leave a message on my talk page there. For anything else, if you wish to contact me, please do so on my English Wikipedia talk page if it involves something related. If it is cross-wiki or meta related, you can leave a message on my meta talk.

I help out a bit with SWMT stuff as well, but prefer to stay in the background as much as possible. I firmly believe that local Wikimedia projects should develop and that the purpose of global tools is to assist local users, so that is the perspective I take here as well.

In line with this, I generally prefer helping smaller projects develop by assisting them in fixing articles through WikiGnoming, but while I'm there, I'm going to make sure that local projects don't have any unreverted vandalism, spam links, and the like, and will assist in dealing with any cross-wiki abuse case where someone asks for my help or I see it first.

For a look at my contributions on all Wikimedia Projects, you can look here.