Wikimedia Community User Group Belarus

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Location Belarus
Country codeBY
Approval dateJuly 15, 2015
Membership29 (May 8, 2021)
Volunteers3 (January 24, 2020)
Official language(s)Belarusian
Other language(s)Russian

Introduction edit

Belarusian-speaking users on CEE Meeting in Lviv, 2018

Vision edit

The need to take part in international Wikimedia life more actively has ripened now. Therefore it is necessary to be more organised and collaborative. User group can become the first step in Belarusian Wikimedia branch deployment.

Mission edit

User group unites active Wikimedians from all Belarusian Wikimedia projects and helps involving other Wikimedians in common deals, as well as developing their social impact through the creation and proliferation of free content, and keeping open principles in knowledge management and in self-government.

Aim edit

To make Belarusian Wikipedians' community life more vibrant through support and promotion of the local culture, the Belarusian language and free knowledge.

Objectives edit

Goals edit

  • To represent both Belarusian Wikipedias (classical and academic) in international relations.
  • To widen media presence and public awareness about Belarusian Wikipedia's community activities.
  • To make collaborative projects with other interest groups, social initiatives, NGOs and local communities in Belarus and abroad.
  • Last but not least, to support the the creation of a Wikimedia chapter in Belarus.

Strategical task edit

Interested in external activities edit

  • To make mutual wikicamps with other user groups and chapters.
  • To build online bridges with Wikimedians from different affiliates.

Recent and Future Activities edit

Here is you can observe Wikimedia Community Belarus Activity from 2015 until now.

Wiki meetings edit

Community edit

Founders and participants edit

  1. Da voli
  2. Mr._Zabej – contact person
  3. Maksim L. – contact person
  4. Renessaince
  5. Alaksiej
  6. Хомелка
  7. Svetit
  8. Tomasz Bladyniec
  9. Hannabaradzina
  10. Artificial123
  11. Belarus2578
  12. Liashko
  13. Lady Di~bewiki
  14. Raviaka Ruslan - contact person
  15. Jarash
  16. Ihar Dorinel
  17. User:W
  18. User:KarlKori
  19. User:Ліцьвін
  20. User:DobryBrat
  21. User:Temra
  22. User:Vit Koz
  23. User:Mikitos
  24. User:Nieszczarda2
  25. User:SergeiSEE
  26. User:UladZ
  27. User:AranyAretha
  28. User:Culamar
  29. User:Lagommaria
  30. User:Gleb Leo

Voluntary roles edit

  • Communicator (external relationships) - User:Mr._Zabej
  • Content manager (update meeting pages)
  • Event managers (regular meetups)
  • Translator (Interpreter) into English and Belarusian - User:W
  • Reporting - User:Da_voli

How to join us edit

  1. You share our principles
  2. Add your name and account name to the page in section "Founders and participants"
  3. Join us in FB

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