I'm Giraffer. My home wiki is the English Wikipedia, where I mostly work with removing crap and helping new users. Occasionally you can find me here, dealing with crosswiki problems or large-scale issues on small wikis; basically most of the things at RfC. I'm not particularly active outside these projects, primarily due to my monolingualism, which is perhaps the quality of myself I hate the most.

My editing philosophy boils down to 'don't be a jerk, be willing to learn.' Violations of that are pretty much why some parts of the internet like to scream at us.

Feel free to message me if you need anything. My preferred methods are (in this order) talk page, Discord, email, IRC. I basically only check my emails when I send something to Oversight and I'm closer to becoming a 'crat on the Albanian Wikiquote then I am to checking my IRC more than once a week.

Happy editing,