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Mass-message list

This is a mass message list of regular Meta-Wiki administrators.

This list serves to distribute mass messages to the group when input from the whole team is required. Users with limited or special adminship (for example, office-granted) should not be listed here.

This works as an opt-out system. If you don't wish to be on this list, you can just remove you from it with the "(remove)" button and leave a note on the talk page so you won't get added in further list updates, although we advice you to stay. Similarly, if you wish to be added again, you can do it yourself with the "add" button on the top of the list. You can also ask to receive the messages on a talk page at other wiki, but you should let us send the message on your Meta-Wiki talk page too.

This list is intended for important announcements, such as policy proposals or issues where administrator input is required. As such, please avoid overusing this feature to avoid message blindness from fellow administrators.

Please make sure that the list is up to date before using.

Thank you.

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