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Steward requests/GlobalEdit

Hi, you're the steward who protected the page, so I'm writing to you, even if I don't know exactly whom I should write to about this matter. I've seen that there're requests for global blocks, locks and hiding written days ago, even weeks, the oldest go back to January. Why does no steward take care of them? I'm not saying that the requests must be checked daily, but if this isn't done even weekly something doesn't work properly there, imho. Stewards aren't so few, are they?

Let me add a little off-topic: I've tried writing in your Dutch talk page, because this was empty and you don't come here as often as there, but I couldn't because my ip range was blocked indefinitely. The motivation is that this ip range belongs to a proxy. This is totally false, the ip range is provided by "Telecom Italia Mobile" which is a very big mobile operator in Europe. You can check that none of its ips belong to proxies by checking on IPQS. I don't now why a Dutch sysop could commit such a big mistake, but after reading what I've written I think that you should have understood that it was an error that now should be repaired. Can you do it please? 17:24, 10 February 2021 (UTC)

Dear anonymous user, as I'm an administrator as well on the Dutch Wikipedia too and saw this coming I might reply here too. I looked up what the block reason was exactly and it's this one. This page explains that the entire IP range is used by a mobile operator. As we had a lot of abuse coming from these kinds of networks, editing from them has been blocked. IP's from users from these kinds of networks can change within minutes, which makes anti-vandalism efforts a whack-a-mole game. Therefore I personally don't see this as an issue. The same also advises one to make account from a non-blocked IP, as these blocks won't hit registered users. It's not very likely that the block will be lifted. Kind regards, Wiki13 (talk) 17:43, 10 February 2021 (UTC)
Wiki13 I've read your reply. Thank you for explaining. If I'm allowed to speak frankly, is there any other Wikipedia besides Dutch that made such a harsh choice? To me, it looks like a way to take fewer responsibilities by restricting users' rights. Actually, Portuguese Wikipedia has recently abolished completely the possibility to edit without being registered, I suppose for a similar reason. I'm sorry to see that the free encyclopedia, as time passes, is becoming less and less free, imho. 18:56, 10 February 2021 (UTC)
No problem. I don't see it as neccasarily restricting users' rights. The only IP's blocked for an indefinite amount of time are proxies, or networks that are really prone to abused as a sort of semi-proxy (mobile networks have really dynamic IP's so an user can return to vandalizing really quick after a block). We have a No open proxies policy for open proxies. I am aware you could argue with "Non-static IP addresses or hosts that are otherwise not permanent proxies should typically be blocked for a shorter period of time, as it is likely the IP address will eventually be transferred or dynamically reassigned, or the open proxy closed" that dynamic IP's which can change ownershop within minutes shouldn't be blocked, but in the end the local community decides on such cases. If this really hampers your ability to edit, I would suggest emailing info-nl wikimedia.org so that they might be able to help. Kind regards, Wiki13 (talk) 19:47, 10 February 2021 (UTC)
Of course, every community inside Wikipedia can give itself its own rules. I think that blocking every ip range including dynamic ip addresses is an excessive measure, but I have no interest in editing Dutch Wikipedia, I only wanted to report a mistake and you told me it wasn't a mistake. Thanks again for your explanation. 22:04, 10 February 2021 (UTC)