नेतृत्व विकास कार्य दल/भाग लें

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Together, let's celebrate the movement's diverse and distinctive leadership!

१. भाग कैसे लें

Share your leadership experiences through a survey!

From January 16 to February 3, 2023, the Leadership Development Working Group invites community members to share their leadership experiences. The working group would like to better understand the roles, experiences and learnings of community members related to leadership. They will use the information collected to support drafting the Leadership Development Plan. They have created three surveys for three audience groups and kindly ask community members to complete the survey that best represents their movement roles. If multiple roles apply, community members can complete more than one survey. The surveys and roles are as follows:

  • Survey 1: For community members who have roles in governance, coordination and organization (for example, Wikipedia admin, campaign organizer, user group director or coordinator)
  • Survey 2: For community members who have roles as mentors, facilitators or trainers of leadership skills (you can refer to the leadership definition for guidance on “leadership skills”)
  • Survey 3: For active and engaged community members interested in developing leadership skills

For more information on privacy and data-handling, see the survey privacy statement.

General Information

३. अद्यतन के लिए जुड़े

क्या आप भविष्य के अद्यतन में रुचि रखते हैं? अपना नाम नीचे सूचीबद्ध करें।

मुझे इसमें रुचि है


४. नेतृत्व संसाधन एकत्रित करना

क्या आप किसी भी आंदोलन नेतृत्व की पहल या संसाधनों से अवगत हैं? कृपया उन्हें दूसरों के सीखने के लिए यहां सूचीबद्ध करें:

4. Community feedback