I live in Lima, Peru. I edit Wikipedia since March 2015, when I created the Gloria Gómez-Sánchez article, thanks to the motivation provided by the international Art+Feminism campaign. Since then I lead, together with the user Lapalabranecesaria, the organization of editathons about outstanding Peruvian women in the fields of arts and culture in general. Our results can be read from this link.

I am also part of two organizations of the Wikimedia movement. Art+Feminism, where I have fulfilled various roles since 2017 and am currently part of the leadership collective and WikiAcción Peru - Ecology, Gender and Culture, which I founded together with user Cbrescia in 2021.

I hope to continue contributing to the better representation of the topics that are of my interest in the encyclopedia, as well as, motivating more people in Peru to do so as well.

You can learn more about me in my userpage at Spanish Wikipedia.