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Art+Feminism is a non-profit organization that leads an international campaign to improve coverage of cis, and trans women, gender and the arts on Wikipedia through organizing in-person training and editing events. The majority of Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thons take place in March of each year but groups also organize independently under the banner of Art+Feminism throughout the year. Since 2014, over 18,000 people at 1,260 events around the world have participated in our edit-a-thons, resulting in the creation and improvement of nearly 84,000 articles on Wikipedia and sister projects.

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Art+Feminism 2021Edit

We write with enthusiasm inviting you to join this work in 2021 as we continue to address the gender gap and center the work of the work of women, feminist, BIPOC, queer, non-binary, and immigrant art and artists.

In the past few years, we’ve typically announced a theme we’ve set for the campaign, but this year we’re intentionally welcoming you to organize on a theme or topic that is the most relevant to you and your community.

To assist in this effort, as we celebrate Wikipedia's 20th birthday, we’re hosting a series of workshops for the community to connect and learn about what is happening in our various global communities and discuss and brainstorm different topics and themes together. (More details and sign up form here.)

As you contemplate joining our 2021 campaign, Art+Feminism wants to reassert our commitment to community care, which we released in November 2020. As the pandemic continues, affecting regions of our international community to varying degrees, we want to ask, “What is safest for the most vulnerable people who might want to attend your event?” To help aid that question, we’ve created virtual resources to help organizers (new and old) think about and plan a virtual event.

We also recognize that not everyone will have the capacity to organize an Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon. There are a number of other ways to participate in our campaign this year:

No matter what, we value you as a member of this community. If you are unable to participate in any of these ways, we understand, and look forward to when we can actively engage with you again.


Mohammed Sadat Abdulai, Amber Berson, Melissa Tamani Becerra, Kira Wisniewski, Nina Yeboah

Art+Feminism Leadership Team

Global Campaign ThemesEdit

Art+Feminism Annual Global Themes
Year Theme
2020-2021 No Global theme - encouraging organizers to select a theme most relevant to their community
2019-2020 Art+Activism
2018-2019 Gender and the Nonbinary
2017-2018 The Year Five - Celebrating five years of Art+Feminism
2016-2017 No Global theme
2015-2016 No Global theme
2014-2015 No Global theme
2013-2014 No Global theme

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