Art+Feminism User Group/Planning/Staffing2018

This is the staffing plan for the Art+Feminism Simple APG for 2018-201. The main grant page is here.

Legal Status of Workers and Fee Rationale edit

All positions will be 1099 contractors.

We are maintaining the $35/hr rate from our 2017-2018 grant budget.

Director edit

Why edit

As we detailed in our 2016-2017 APG grant application, the lead co-organizers of Art+Feminism (Sian Evans, Jacqueline Mabey, and Michael Mandiberg) were all at their bandwidth in terms of the amount of time they could spend on this project, on top of their other work. However, the project continued to grow. So, for the 2016-2017 cycle, we brought on McKensie Mack as the Art+Feminism Program Coordinator and newest member of the Core Leadership Team. You can see the details of our hiring and on-boarding process in our 2016-2017 APG Midpoint Report. You can also see a description of their role in 2017-2018 here.

McKensie has been invaluable to this project. Their responsibilities (detailed below) could not have been done without them. And their unique perspective has allowed us to shift to new projects and outreach goals. We propose to continue working with McKensie Mack in 2018-2019 but to promote them to the role of Director, to recognize the work they have done that has gone above and beyond what we initially hired them for. The promotion to the role of Director also helps prepare us for new organizational responsibilities, as we continue to work towards 501c3 status. You can read more about the decision to name McKensie Mack Director of Art+Feminism here.

What edit

Job Description for Lead Organizers here:

The Director sets the strategic vision, and executes the annual plan alongside the Lead Organizers and manages relationships with the Regional Organizers. The Director must have strong project management skills, a demonstrated history of work in social justice, an interest in feminist work and the arts, and an in-depth knowledge of the Wikimedia community. Because the position requires international outreach and coordination, fluency in at least one language other than English is preferred

The Director's responsibilities include:


  • fielding all incoming email to account; depending on funding structures, this may include supervising a Community Fellow who assists with this correspondence.
  • working with Regional Organizers to onboard node events
  • ensuring timely updates with node events in the lead up to the March events
  • updating our website and social media platforms with pertinent information

Planning and Administration

  • arranging and leading regular meetings with both the lead co-organizers and regional ambassadors
  • co-ordinating with institutional partners at the Museum of Modern Art to ensure production of the central New York node event
  • co-ordinating with Regional Organizers and institutional partners internationally to ensure execution of edit-a-thons
  • updating the CRM with information about the node events as they develop
  • maintaining and ensuring the execution of project timeline and team action items on Trello
  • delegating and overseeing Project Assistants, Fellows, and Consultants
  • working with our fiscal sponsor to track event funding notification and reimbursement
  • working with A+F Treasurer to manage the budgeting and accounting process, for grant reporting and federal reporting.
  • attending weekly or biweekly meetings with Core Leadership Team members and monthly check-ins with Sian Evans

Strategy and Outreach

  • drafting strategic planning documents alongside the rest of the Core Leadership Team
  • managing social media campaigns and contributing to our social media presence
  • representing Art+Feminism at events like WikiWomen Camp, Wikimania, etc.
  • working with lead co-organizers to prepare grant proposals, and prepare grant reports.

When and How much edit

This is a .66 FTE, 26.4 hr/week at $35/hr.

This is a slight increase from 2017-2018, given that Program Coordinator/Director used 2/3 of their hours by the midpoint report, and by 9 months into the cycle had used all of their hours allocated for a 12 month cycle.

Lead and Regional Organizers edit

Job Description for Lead Organizers here:
Job Description for Regional Organizers here:

Our previous experience has shown that both Regional Organizers and Lead Co-organizers will work more hours than budgeted; part of our goal in increasing the number of lead and regional organizers is to reduce the workload per person, to fairly compensate for this work. See below for a break-down of labor, per title.

The fee for the Lead Co-organizers is based off a rate of $35 per hour for a total of 686.4 total collective hours per year (roughly 13.2 hr/wk or 4.3 hr/wk per Lead Organizer). We recognize that the Lead Co-organizers work much more than 4.3 hours per week; incidentally, as part of a Quantified Self project, one of our Lead Co-organizers determined that they worked 600 hours in 2016, which was before we switched from a 6 to a 12 month grant cycle. We have set a goal for future years of fairly accounting for the full scope of the work that the Lead Co-organizers do.

The major proposed changes in the 2018-2019 include:

  • Addition of one lead co-organizer, for a total of 4
  • Addition of 10 regional organizers, for a total of 16

Below, you will find detailed our rationale for the addition of these roles:

In 2018-2019, we propose promoting Melissa Tamani to the role of Lead Co-organizer. Melissa has done incredible work building the Art+Feminism community in Latin America, translating our materials into Spanish, and representing Art+Feminism at WikiCon 2018.

In the 2016-2017 grant cycle, we shifted to include Regional Organizers. We would like to propose to continue this organizational structure in the 2017-2018 cycle. Many of our Regional Organizers have been doing this work for several years now and gain more and more traction in their local communities with each year. In the 2018-2019 cycle, we propose increasing the number of Regional Organizers by 10. This will enable McKensie and the other Lead Co-organizers to focus more on 501c3 status and other strategic planning.

In brief, Regional Organizers oversee the development and execution of events in their specific region, which can include online aspects as well. They also do outreach to organizations and groups in their area that have not previously organized Art+Feminism events, to encourage participation. Regional Ambassadors have also organized and led trainings for event organizers in their regions. The fee in the budget for Regional Organizers is based on the rate of $35 per hour and an estimate of 29 hours per year.

Fellows edit

The Lead Organizing Team proposes adding two fellows to its organizing team. We see the fellowship as an apprenticeship with the Director and the Lead Organizers. It's an opportunity to learn with us about how we do communication, project management, and feminist collective organizing. One will focus on social media and online communications. A second fellow will focus on community organizing, project management and email communications.

As part of our effort to work around the problem we face with the Director running out of hours, we are off-loading some of their responsibilities onto two fellows. We see this as a learning opportunity for skills development in social justice oriented non-profit work. The Lead Organizing Team is aware that this is going to be labor, given the amount of applications we've received for previous calls for participation, and that the management of these positions will also be considerable work. However, see this as a net positive for our team. This work will be paid at $15 an hour for 200 hours over the course of 3-6 months, which we consider a living wage for an apprenticeship.