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About MeEdit

My name is Fuseini Dipantiche Mohammed Naporoo Kamal-Deen Shitobu (Dnshitobu). I am poet, teacher, writer, activist and a computer enthusiast. I'm a Wikipedia Editor, and Community Mobilizer for the Gurunɛ Wikimedians community based in Ghana, passionate about championing Media, Information and digital literacy, Gender Equity, Human Rights and Transformational leadership.

I joined the Wikipedia Community on 23rd November, 2019, during the Dagbani Wikipedia curation when the Northern Achiever Contest was launched in 2019, where I got to learn more about the movement and as a free knowledge champion, I sunk in love with it though I had long to edit wikipedia articles since 2016 when a friend first mentioned it! I'm more active in the Dagbani Wikipedia where key among other things I'm passionate about getting anything I search on Google to be on the Dagbani wikipedia

Contact MeEdit

Mobile phone/WhatsApp: +233547189152
E-mail: |
Instagram: dipantiche_naporoo_shitobu