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Mohammed Kamal-Deen Fuseini
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Impossibilities only exist in our minds, if you don't know it yet doesn't mean it is impossible

About me

I was a Wikimedian in Residence for the Wikidata for Education project. I live Tamale, Ghana I'm a Wikipedia Editor, and Community Mobilizer for the Gurene Wikimedia community based in Tamale, Ghana, passionate about championing Wikimedia, biodiversity, digital literacy, Gender Equity, Human Rights and Transformational leadership. I speak Dagbani, English.

My work

Here is a partial list of what I am currently involved in:

I have been previously involved in:

Contact me

  • E-mail: fuseinikamaldeen at gmail dot com
  • On Wikimedia projects as Dnshitobu
  • [2] on Twitter
  • [3] on Facebook
  • [4] on linkedIn

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