OpenRefine is a free data wrangling tool that can be used to process, manipulate and clean tabular (spreadsheet) data and connect it with knowledge bases ("spreadsheets on steroids" / "a swiss army knife for data"). It is widely used by librarians, in the cultural sector, by journalists and scientists, and is taught in many curricula and workshops around the world.

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OpenRefine has been a popular tool for Wikidata batch editing since 2018. The tool also supports Wikimedia Commons (batch editing and uploading) thanks to a Wikimedia grant (2021-22). Thirdly, OpenRefine can be used to batch import and edit data items and media files in Wikibases.

OpenRefine is a community-supported open source project, licensed under the BSD license. It has a graphical user interface in more than 15 languages.

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Cloud version of OpenRefine (on PAWS) for WikimediansEdit

Is it difficult for you to run OpenRefine on your own computer?

Run OpenRefine in PAWS on Wikimedia’s Cloud Services (you need a Wikimedia account and an internet connection):

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OpenRefine for WikidataEdit

OpenRefine for Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Related toolsEdit

OpenRefine edits can be undone with the EditGroups tool.

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  • Also search Google / the web for examples, GREL syntax/recipes etc, whenever you want to do something less straightforward! There are A LOT of tutorials and help forums out there.