Art+Feminism User Group/Reporting/Metrics2021

Overall 160 events and 2700 participants were recorded in the Art+Feminism 2021 Programs dashboard from 33 countries, 5 continents, and in 25 languages. Nearly 16000 content pages were created or improved across all Wikimedia projects including more than 10700 Wikidata items and 3600 Wikimedia Commons pages.

Detailed Outcome edit

Art+Feminism Editathon Locations in 2021

As of 28 November 2021, we have:

  • 157 planned Events on Dashboard of which 80 were held.
  • 2715 Editors on Dashboard
  • 15.9K Articles Edited on Dashboard
  • 3.32K Articles Created on Dashboard
  • 3.62K Commons uploads on Dashboard
  • 7.89M words added
  • 18.9k references added
  • 54.6M page views

This data is collected on our Main Dashboard campaign

Metric data on Wikidata edit

Since 2019 we have used Template:Location map+ to generate a composite image consisting of a map and a location mark, and optionally add labels and captions to each point. Aside from these maps being static, manually generating them using templates required much time investment and so from 2020 we started to add our metrics data to Wikidata. This not only allowed us to leverage the Wikidata Query Service to get quick visual representations of all events, but has made it possible to properly organise our campaigns' metrics into some structured format so that we can query the data and ask lateral cross-cutting questions of the numbers over time and location. To make this process self-sustaining, we recorded tutorials to help campaign organizers to directly add statistics about their events to Wikidata.

Map of Art+Feminism 2021 editathons showing Date, Number of participants, Dashboard link

Linear and Exponential growth decline continues edit

Both the linear and exponential growth of Art+Feminism events and editor activity peaked in 2019; in 2021 we started to see a sharp decline. In 2021 half of all planned events were either cancelled or didn't record any editor activity. Eventually, we recorded a decline from 2021 in all the measurable areas of our campaign's numbers.

Less than 2% of all articles were Deleted edit

187 of all new pages created were deleted (representing 1.8%).