Leadership Development Working Group/Participate

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1. How to participate

Participation from community members is an important part of the Leadership Development Working Group’s process. There will be different ways to stay involved, including: reading updates, attending meetings to discuss and share ideas, and giving feedback. The working group will be discussing how and how often they will be communicating and involving community members. This page will be updated once the group has determined its approach.

For now and in the future, you can leave feedback on the talk page or directly to the group at the email address: leadershipworkinggroup@wikimedia.org . If you have feedback for the Community Development team, you can email comdevteam@wikimedia.org.

If you are interested in future updates and want to make sure that you are contacted, add your name to the Sign up for future updates section below.

2. Sign up for future updates

Are you interested in future updates? Add your name here so the Community Development team knows to reach out to you directly.

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3. Collecting leadership resources

Are you aware of any movement leadership initiatives or resources? Please add them here for others to learn about and reference:

  • Democracy
  • [Add initiative / resource name and link here]

4.Community feedback

  • The Community Development team hosted a Call for Feedback about the creation of the Leadership Development Working Group in February 2022. You can read the Summary of the Call for Feedback.