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  • Handgod Abraham
    Election Volunteers, Strategy & Gouvernance/Wikimedia Foundation

    About me

    I am a contributor, founding member and current president of the Wikimedia Haiti Users Group, founded since July 2018. Consult My User Page On Wikipedia . I am Member of Regional Committee Latin America and The Caribbean.

    My work

    I am an Election Volunteer for the 2021 Board of Trustees election. My role is to ensure my Community is fully aware of the Board of Trustees election. I contribute in the translation of Metawiki in French and Haitian creole. I participate in the maintenance of the Haitian Creole wikipedia and coordinate the maintenance the Haitian literature project on the French wikipedia.

    Contact me

    (contact me)

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    ht-N Itilizatè sa pale Kreyòl ayisyen tankou li te lang matènèl l.
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    Kreyòl Ayisyen depi Angle.
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