Ndahiro derrick
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NameNdahiro Derrick Alter (he/his)
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  • Gender equality
  • Criminology
  • Community organization,
  • Governance

About my work in the Wikimedia MovementEdit

I started participating in wikimedia activities since 2019, where I participated in wikigap event in Uganda,and later the regional Wikimedia strategy workshop in Kampala Uganda, The deliberate mentorship by the Community in Uganda inspired me to establish a Community in Rwanda,a journey I embarked on from 09ed march.2019. In 2020, The Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda launched its first project and in february 2022 , Our community was recognized.


I lead the Wikimedia Community in Rwanda in the EAST AFRICA strategy salon that was held in Uganda.


I organized and facilitate the 1st edit-athon held in Rwanda by Rwandans, to lauch Wiki LOVES Africa photographic, later the same year I facilitated the various projects in our community such as : Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves EARTH, wikipedia pages wanting oages campaign , Wiki Loves Monuments.

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