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Report of activities for 2024 - Capacity Exchange

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

An Outreachy Program for the Wikimedia Peer Power Tool

Outreachy participants and their mentors.

Between December 2023 and March 2024, the Capacity Exchange team participated in Outreachy,[1] an international internship program for open-source and open science projects, mentoring Oyindamola Olatunji, a young developer from Nigeria. Our participation is related to WMB's strategy under the axis of (Re)imagining the socio-technical infrastructure of the Wikimedia Movement: Collaborating within the Wikimedia Movement and with external stakeholders for the development of open technologies aligned with the strategic direction of knowledge as a service.

The objective of our Outreachy engagement was the development of a Python application for Capacity Exchange. The internship involved weekly mentoring sessions with the intern, interspersed with formal and bilateral feedback points. Additionally, it included integration activities with the CapX and WMB teams. Qualitatively, the internship provided insights into international mentoring of interns in the field of open-source and open science. And it led to the expected deliverable: the Python application was developed.[2]

Operational and General metrics

Operational and General metrics
Activity Metrics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total References
Programas e Campanhas Número de atividades 1 - - - 1 [3]
Entregas de comunicação Número de publicações comunitárias 1 - - - 1 [2]
Produtos Número de produtos novos ou melhorados 2 - - - 2 [2]
Recursos Número de recursos 1 - - - 1 [2]
- Número de editores 2 - - - 2 [3][2][4]
Número de editores que continuam a participar/retidos depois das atividades 1 - - - 1 [3][2][4]
Número de organizadores 11 - - - 11 [3][2][5][4]
Número de participantes 62 - - - 62 [3][2][5][4]
Número de organizadores que continuam a participar/retidos depois das atividades 9 - - - 9 [3][2][5][4]