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Organizational activity edit

Strategic partnership edit

  • The User Group has established a formal partnership with Wikimedia Portugal in the context of a set of activities with UAb, CIDH, LE@D and CLEPUL.
  • The User Group has sustained the partnership with the RIDC NeuroMat, a research institute in São Paulo, particularly in what has been called the NeuroMat Wikimedia Initiative, which includes wikimedians-in-residence and student workers, funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation and the University of São Paulo.
  • The User Group has officially and actively supported activities and purposes of Whose Knowledge?, connecting this initiative with the Wikimedia communities in Portuguese.

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Education edit

MOOC Introduction to Science Journalism edit

The UG has supported the development of the MOOC module on pt.wikiversity and of the course on Introduction to Science Journalism, organized by NeuroMat. This module provides a new template for anyone who is interested in creating wiki-courses, which could contribute to setting a new perspective for the use of Wikiversity.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul edit

Wikipedia project on Mathematics.

Faculdade Cásper Líbero edit

Audiovisual communications edit

A Commons project on cultural heritage of São Paulo city, in Brazil, and a Wikipedia project on Brazilian politicians were produced with undergraduate students within a course on Political Science at the School of Audiovisual Communications.

This Commons project is part of an ongoing activity for documenting all monuments in São Paulo (city).

A map view of monuments in São Paulo city is being built in the context of this initiative

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Training edit

Wikidata Lab edit

Wikidata Lab VI: Structured Commons edit

Training for the community on April 10, in São Paulo.

Wikidata Lab V: GLAMpipe edit

Training for the community on March 22, in São Paulo.

Wikidata Lab IV: Mass uploading edit

Training for the community on February 22, in São Paulo.

Other projects related to education edit

  • Launch and technical support of an education program on theory of history at the Santa Catarina Federal University. With Chicocvenancio.

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Outreach edit

GLAMs edit

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Edit-a-thons edit

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Tournaments edit

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References edit

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