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Report of activities for 2023 - Education and Scientific Dissemination

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Wikipedia Program at the International Meeting of Audiology

Wikimedians at the 38th Encontro Internacional de Audiologia

From March 22 to 24, the 38th International Audiology Meeting,[1] promoted by the Brazilian Academy of Audiology took place in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. This event was the first effective participation of the Wiki Movimento Brasil in a scientific congress. The activities promoted during the event included:

  • 11 lectures to promote Wikimedia in scientific dissemination;
  • 1 permanent table for distributing pamphlets and discussing Wikimedia and education, with around 500 people reached;
  • 1 five-hour workshop for contributing to Wikipedia;
  • Presentation of 3 posters;
  • Publication of 7 special communication materials;
  • Activation of 3 partnerships, including financial support.

Overall, more than 1250 people participated in the Wiki activities of this event, with at least 60 of them directly editing Wikimedia projects. There were more than 330 articles created or edited on Wikipedia and 140 images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The action points that directed the organization and execution of this event were:

  • Explore new ways of communicating about Wikimedia projects and present them as allies for the development of scientific culture in Brazil.
  • Expand the list of collaborations within cultural and educational institutions, activist groups, government entities, and open knowledge organizations, spread throughout the different regions of Brazil.
  • Elaborate strategies to reach new audiences, including the partner networks, to encourage both readership and contribution to Wikimedia projects.
  • Develop campaigns focused on the use of Wikimedia as an instrument against misinformation

Given an event of such impact and diverse learning, it is important to highlight the importance of thinking of events like this as a space for networking, articulation, and continued action. The engagement of social networks is also noteworthy, which led to significant growth, particularly on Instagram, with 150 new followers.

Other metrics related to Education and Scientific Dissemination activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • 2 reports to the community[2][3]
  • 2 meetings about the MOOC course on how to edit the Wikimedia projects[4][5]
  • Dissemination of the prototype of a MOOC course on audiology[6]
  • 2 edit-a-thons[7][8]
  • 86 editors[7][8]
  • 150 participants[9][10][7][8]
  • 79 articles created or improved[7][8]
  • 1 documentation on education programs[11]
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Second quarter report (Apr-Jun)

EduWiki Conference 2023

Group photo of the participants of the EduWiki Conference 2023

The EduWiki Conference 2023[12] occurred in Belgrade, Serbia from May 26 to 28, organized by the Wikipedia & Education user group. WMB members were involved in the organization of the event and there were 4 WMB members presenting in the conference. The activities held during the event included:

Overall, more than 200 people cumulatively participated in the WMB activities of this event and more than 30 resources were created to document the activities. This conference was marked by the strategic discussion surrounding the consolidation of a new global line of action in Wikimedia. Is a ongoing process to evaluate the need to change the way Wikimedia as a whole organizes educational projects and Brazil is a key stakeholder in this discussion, but WMB still needs to make a critical analysis of this status among its members.

Other metrics related to Education and Scientific Dissemination activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
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Third quarter report (Jul-Sep)


Introduction video of WikiConecta
Launching of WikiConecta at the 23rd Semana Universitária of the University of Brasília

WikiConecta is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) designed for university professors interested in utilizing the Wikimedia projects in University Outreach programs.[36] Created with the aim of providing a solution for integrating outreach activities into the curriculum, the course seeks to provide capacity to educators in basic editing skills across four Wikimedia projects – Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikiversity – enabling them to create their own wiki-education programs.

The initial stage of its development involved creating a comprehensive summary. We pondered how to create a summary that covered all the necessary content without being overly instrumental. During this phase, we also projected a development schedule intended to conclude by the end of June.

With the outline in hand, we assembled a Strategic MOOC Committee.[4][5][23][24] To compose this committee, we sought individuals who represented leadership in the field of Education within the Wikimedia Movement. We invited LiAnna Davis from WikiEdu, Bukola James from Wikimedia Nigeria, Luisina Ferrante from Wikimedia Argentina, and Sofia Matias from Wikimedia Portugal. To represent Brazil, we selected prominent Wikimedians who were also educators, inviting Adriane Batata, Felipe Lima, and Flávia Varella to be part of the Brazilian branch of the committee. All the invited members enthusiastically agreed to participate, and our first meeting took place in February. We enlisted Wikimedian Victor Lopes to facilitate English-to-Portuguese translations. Hiring a translator who was also a Wikimedian was essential for ensuring the accurate translation of highly specialized and complex terms.

We introduced the initial proposal to the committee, leading to a series of at least four meetings to deliberate on the course's content. The key insight gleaned from this early and formative phase of such a substantial project is the importance of allocating a more substantial deliberative and consultative period at the beginning of the schedule.

Developing this course was an opportunity to improve editing and mentoring skills. Projects of this caliber are complex and can take a toll on those involved in its creation, so, as another key insight, we have discovered that it is imperative to have a more flexible and well planned schedule, that acknowledges those periods of deliberation, interviews, video recordings and content review.

Throughout the process, we solidified partnerships with Wikimedians and consulted professors, strengthening our ties even further. In fact, upon launching the course, we established a significant partnership with the University of Brasília. Our prediction is that WikiConecta will contribute to consolidating Wikimedia's role in Brazil as the fundamental infrastructure for the dissemination of knowledge through partnerships with university professors.

Other metrics related to Education and Scientific Dissemination activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
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Fourth quarter report (Oct-Dec)

Publication of the Summary of the book "Wikimedia in Brazil"

Summary of the book "Wikimedia in Brazil"

The publication of the summary of the book "Wikimedia in Brazil: the power and challenges of free knowledge" is the result of the process initiated in December of 2022, when we opened the call for papers. For more than three months, we promoted this call and invited partners through email and social media posts and in total, we received 26 abstracts from authors of different backgrounds.

In the meantime, we invited fifteen PhD professors to compose the Guest Editorial Board. The abstracts were analyzed and approved by the organizers Amanda Jurno and João Alexandre Peschanski. The authors had, then, about 3 months to send the complete papers. Of the 26 proposals, 17 were sent. One was disregarded and the others were sent for sequential peer review. Each paper was evaluated by two reviewers and only one paper was rejected.

In the end, we were able to put together a summary of fifteen double reviewed chapters. The authors sent the complete papers corrected and we started the process of publishing the book in affiliation to a University Publisher.[61]

Other metrics related to Education and Scientific Dissemination activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics


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