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Welcome to the Wiki Movimento Brasil (WMB) annual report of activities for the year 2023. This report showcases the achievements, learnings, and progress of the activities that WMB has promoted or supported. It is updated quarterly and provides a comprehensive overview of our work. Our activities are primarily defined by our annual activities plan and other projects we are involved in. The report is organized according to the management area responsible for supporting each activity, including Administration, Communication, Products and Technology, Communities, Education and Scientific Dissemination, GLAMs and Culture, and other strategy implementation initiatives.

Documents guiding the goals and metrics reported:


This area oversees Communities, Education and Scientific Dissemination, GLAMs and Culture management areas activities, besides other projects such as strategy implementation initiatives.


This area is responsible for developing and implementing WMB's strategic plan and the Movement Strategy process, organizing community programs and creating opportunities for learning and leadership development, promoting community health, and advocating for decentralized community governance.

First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Strategy Wiki Movimento Brasil 2023-2025
Launch of the Strategy WMB 2023-2025

WMB dedicated the year of 2022 to the process of developing a new strategy to be implemented in-between 2023 and 2025. With the participation of more than 60 people, the final document was approved by the General Assembly of WMB and published on our pages. This document[1] redefines WMB's organizational identity and establishes the direction of its actions, taking into account the local contexts and aligning the changes in the global Wikimedia Movement.

On March 7th we published the methodology of our strategic process.[2] This document provides a comprehensive explanation of the process and it is intended to serve as a helpful tool for other affiliates and organizations to create their own strategy. Documenting the process not only adds meaning to the final document but also promotes transparency and effective communication. Moreover, it can be translated into other languages, expanding its outreach.

One week later, on March 14th, we officially launched the Strategy Wiki Movimento Brasil 2023-2025 for the broader audience.[3] The presentation provided context to the document elaboration process and set expectations for its implementation. The exchange of ideas between the people who participated in the strategic process was facilitated by the audiovisual format of the event and made it more relatable to the audience.

Before the public announcement of the new strategy, still in February, we conducted the first meeting of the newly established Strategy Committee, in which were defined the next steps for the establishment of the subcommittees for each strategic axis, such as the call for members and the committee's roles and responsibilities.[4]

Other metrics related to Communities activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics

Education and Scientific Dissemination

This area is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing WMB activities related to strategic educational and scientific partnerships and the promotion of critical research of the Wikimedia projects.

First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Wikipedia Program at the International Meeting of Audiology
Wikimedians at the 38th Encontro Internacional de Audiologia

From March 22 to 24, the 38th International Audiology Meeting,[18] promoted by the Brazilian Academy of Audiology took place in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. This event was the first effective participation of the Wiki Movimento Brasil in a scientific congress. The activities promoted during the event included:

  • 11 lectures to promote Wikimedia in scientific dissemination;
  • 1 permanent table for distributing pamphlets and discussing Wikimedia and education, with around 500 people reached;
  • 1 five-hour workshop for contributing to Wikipedia;
  • Presentation of 3 posters;
  • Publication of 7 special communication materials;
  • Activation of 3 partnerships, including financial support.

Overall, more than 1250 people participated in the Wiki activities of this event, with at least 60 of them directly editing Wikimedia projects. There were more than 330 articles created or edited on Wikipedia and 140 images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The action points that directed the organization and execution of this event were:

  • Explore new ways of communicating about Wikimedia projects and present them as allies for the development of scientific culture in Brazil.
  • Expand the list of collaborations within cultural and educational institutions, activist groups, government entities, and open knowledge organizations, spread throughout the different regions of Brazil.
  • Elaborate strategies to reach new audiences, including the partner networks, to encourage both readership and contribution to Wikimedia projects.
  • Develop campaigns focused on the use of Wikimedia as an instrument against misinformation

Given an event of such impact and diverse learning, it is important to highlight the importance of thinking of events like this as a space for networking, articulation, and continued action. The engagement of social networks is also noteworthy, which led to significant growth, particularly on Instagram, with 150 new followers.

Other metrics related to Education and Scientific Dissemination activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • 2 reports to the community[19][20]
  • 2 meetings about the MOOC course on how to edit the Wikimedia projects[21][22]
  • Dissemination of the prototype of a MOOC course on audiology[23]
  • 2 edit-a-thons[24][25]
  • 86 editors[24][25]
  • 122 participants[24][25][26][27]
  • 79 articles created or improved[24][25]
  • 1 documentation on education programs[28]

GLAMs and Culture

This area is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing cultural partnership projects of WMB, with a focus on GLAM-Wiki initiatives. Its activities involve the optimization of processes, organization of events, and engagement of volunteers in the maintaining, development, and expansion of partnerships with cultural institutions across Brazil. It also has the goal to promote equity and diversity in the Wikimedia Movement, engaging with marginalized communities and implementing diversity and equity plans.

First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Uploads in continuous flow
Amaryllidaceae H

WMB has a long and expressive history with GLAM-Wiki partnerships. Throughout the years, we have established more than 40 new partnerships with cultural institutions from different states in Brazil. On October 4th of 2022 we created a new GLAM-Wiki partnership with the National Institute of Mata Atlântica (INMA).[29] This institute is headquartered in Santa Teresa, Espírito Santo, and promotes research, scientific innovation, preserving collections, and disseminating knowledge related to the Mata Atlântica. The partnership was born in the context of the Wiki Loves Espírito Santo project, conducted in 2022 in collaboration with the Secretary of Culture of the State of Espírito Santo.

At the end of March, we edited more than 38 thousand items on Wikidata[30] and uploaded 10 thousand images of this GLAM to Wikimedia Commons.[31] The images and metadata were about the flora of the State of Espírito Santo, specifically from the Herbário Museu de Biologia Mello Leitão Collection.

Another massive upload this quarter was the insertion of 32 thousand identifiers for paintings, objects, and items of the Museu Paulista collection.[32] The museum, with which we have had a remarkable GLAM-Wiki partnership since 2017, reopened in September 2022 and has recently launched its new online platform using the Tainacan technology. This software allowed us to do a quick extraction of the metadata and reconcile it with the items already on Wikidata. This easy-to-do extraction will help in future reconciliation from and to both the institution and Wikimedia projects, a process known as data roundtripping.

Other metrics related to GLAMs and Culture activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics


This project is meant to help implement the Wikimedia Movement Strategy in Brazil. It involves the creation and implementation of a training program for Brazilian leaders in the Wikimedia movement to implement the strategy and relates directly with the recommendation number 6 of the Movement Strategy ("Invest in Skills and Leadership Development)[48].

First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

CALIBRA team meetings
In-person meeting of the CALIBRA team in São Paulo

In 2022, WMB applied for a grant to develop leadership skills in Brazil as part of a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant[49], which focused on the 6th recommendation "Invest in Skills and Leadership", and on the 33rd initiative "Leadership Development Plan". The project involved several people and counted multiple community activities and presentations at events and conferences in addition to monthly meetings. The project's activities are intimately connected to WMB's strategy, specifically the axis 2 "Coordinate the Brazilian Wikimedia agencies", transforming its intentionality, "to contextualize autonomous Brazilian protagonisms in networks, participatory governance and safe spaces", into actions.

On March 16, 2023, the CALIBRA team met with the WMB professional team in São Paulo to discuss how would the project impact the user group and the wider community and to develop new organization and team management methods. This led to CALIBRA becoming part of the Projects area. The next day, the CALIBRA team met again to define what participants would need to deliver and get feedback from the Communities management.


This area oversees Funds and Administration, Communications and Products and Technologies management areas activities.


This area is responsible for establishing a professional communication configuration for WMB, both internally and externally with the Wikimedia community, partners, and the wider public. It implements WMB's Communication Plan and its main activity is to explore new ways to communicate about the Wikimedia projects to a variety of audiences in different platforms and act as a spokesperson of WMB.

First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Welcoming a new member to the team

WMB has a long history of communicating its activities, both through Wikimedia channels and social media. In 2020, we developed a new Communications Strategic Plan, implemented at the beginning of 2021 to help us guide our communication to a more strategic route and better engage participants, editors, and the wider community, but we didn’t have one person to exclusively manage all the operational and strategic work this area requires until March 2023 when we opened a Communications Manager position.

Our social media outreach improved significantly and we have gained more than 150 new followers and have been able to report more activities and explore and think of new formats to engage more volunteers and disseminate the Wikimedia projects and the free knowledge in Brazil.

Funds and Administration

This area is responsible for the financial and administrative management of WMB, with a focus on fundraising, resource distribution, accountability, and ensuring legal and fiscal compliance.

In-person meeting of the WMB professional team

First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Ordinary General Assembly

On February 28th, the WMB Ordinary General Assembly was held, with 18 members of the user group participating remotely. This annual assembly, which is required by our bylaws, aims to provide an equitable environment where members of the user group can access the necessary resources to build and integrate Wiki Movimento Brasil.

During the assembly, we welcomed 8 new members to our user group, bringing the total number of active members in WMB to 40. We also sanctioned improvements in good governance practices, which were previously discussed and proposed in other meetings, as well as approved the balance sheets and fiscal year accounts for 2022. Additionally, a new protocol for travel scholarships for WMB members was approved. We also discussed the implementation of Strategy Committees and reviewed the highlights of the Activities Plan for 2023.

Other metrics related to Funds and Administration activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • Organizational refactoring to improve transparency practices for administrative and financial activities[50]

Products and Technology

This area is responsible for leading the development of new technologies and process optimization, developing the technical capacity of the team and members, and documenting and sharing best practices with other communities. Additionally, its activities are related to the development strategy of the sociotechnical infrastructure of free knowledge.

First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Concept of the Dashboard for the Wiki Loves Monuments Upload Tool

Outreachy is a program that provides internships for individuals from underrepresented groups in the tech industry. The project aims to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech community by providing paid internships and offers a supportive environment for interns to develop their skills and gain experience whilst contributing to the development of open-source software.

In 2022, WMB has proposed a project called Develop features for Wiki Loves Monuments App[51] for the creation of an interactive Dashboard for the Wiki Loves Monuments Brasil App. The project was accepted by the Outreachy organizers and by the end of December 2022 we started working on it with a Nigerian software developer in this new feature. It was a great experience to expand our network and experience mentoring projects. The outcomes will be implemented into the app before the next Wiki Loves Monuments contest and the participants will be able to not only contribute their images to Wikimedia Commons but also see a live dashboard of their contributions on the application.

Other metrics related to Products and Technology activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • 68 participants[52][53][54]
  • 5 resources[51][53][54]
  • 1 new tool for registering learning and quantitative reports of activities[55]
  • 379 media files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons[54]
  • 103 items created or edited in Wikidata[56]


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