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Report of activities for 2024 - Funds and Administration

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

2024's first WMB Ordinary General Assembly

Number of active members of WMB (2013-2024)

On February 26th, WMB's Ordinary General Assembly was held, with 27 members of the user group participating remotely. This was our first ordinary assembly programmed for this year, and it remains an equitable environment for our members to take decisions about our association and ensure that we are aligned with our strategic direction, values and mission.

During the assembly, we welcomed 3 new members to our user group, bringing the total number of active members in WMB to 43. We also approved a new Strategic Communications Plan and discussed the governance agenda of our committees, our travel policy and our application for chapter status. The results of a research about membership in mature Wikimedia affiliates were also presented in this meeting.[1]

Operational and General metrics

Operational and General metrics
Activity Metrics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total References
Sessões Comunitárias Número de agências wikimedistas envolvidas 1 - - - 1 [2]
Número de sessões 1 - - - 1 [2]
Sessões de Governança Número de sessões 2 - - - 2 [1]
- Número de organizadores 4 - - - 4 [2][3][1]
Número de participantes 89 - - - 89 [2][1]
Número de organizadores que continuam a participar/retidos depois das atividades 3 - - - 3 [2][3][1]