Wiki Movement Brazil User Group/Activities Plan 2021

This is the annual plan of activities of the Wiki Movement Brazil User Group for the year of 2021.

Wiki Movement Brazil User Group

Activites Plan for 2021




Wiki Movement Brazil User Group is a user group, based in Brazil, founded in 2013 by active members of the Brazilian community in the Wikimedia projects. Our mission is to provide solutions that increase the number and quality of pertaining reliable information in the Wikimedia projects, planning and executing activities that are in accordance to the scope and principles of the Wikimedia movement.


The WMB has worked with a multidimensional approach to strategy, focusing on elaborating comprehensive plans for specific areas. We expect this approach to lead up to a consolidated strategic document in the near future.

The Diversity Strategic Plan was drafted in 2019, reviewed during the 2020 General Assembly, and is under implementation. An annual assessment will be made by the WMB Diversity Committee.

In 2021, the Strategic Communications Plan drafted in 2020 will be implemented and adjusted to enhance community engagement and support. Assessments will be made after six and twelve months of implementation by the WMB Communications Committee.

Our group will work in 2021 on consolidating three other strategic plans: Governance, Internal management and Sustainability.



Objectives Activities Metrics
  • Reach and ilustrate spaces that aren’t normally portrayed in Wikimedia projects in Portuguese to engage people and communities from different backgrounds
  • Achieve partnerships with city governments, cultural centers and local institutions to improve free knowledge coverage
  • Diversify the partners network and resources to promote more access to the activities lead by WMB
Wiki Loves Monuments
  • 150 participants
  • 100 new registered editors
  • 10.000 media files uploaded to Commons
  • Reach 10.000 monuments in Wikidata
Wiki Loves Bahia
  • GLAMs
    • Outreach to 300 cultural institutions
    • At least 75 pictures of GLAM institutions uploaded after outreach
    • At least 50 Wikidata items improved on GLAMs
    • At least 5 GLAM partnerships
  • Photocontest
    • Outreach to 500 public schools
    • At least 25 schools involved in photo contest
    • At least 500 images contributed
  • Wikicontest and edit-a-thons
    • At least 4 activities
    • At least 200 participants
    • At least 500 entries created/improved on Wikipedia in Portuguese
  • Education programs
    • At least 5 education programs launched
    • At least 70 participants
Wiki Takes
  • 2 events in distinct cities
  • 2 mapping activities
  • 2 Wikipedia trainings for the local communities
  • 40 participants
  • 80 articles created/improved in Wikipedia
  • 100 items created/improved on Wikidata
  • 4.000 media files uploaded to Commons
  • 1 campaign
  • 1 resource for newcomers
  • 500 entries created/improved on Wikipedia
  • 1 full report on the event activities and discussions to be provided for the community
  • 1 strategic discussion on the role of the Brazilian community in the open knowledge infrastructure
Risk assessment
  • Lack of interest in the event;
  • Limitation of mobility in cities due to health policies might lower contributions and participation;
  • Unforeseen problems on transportation of people and resources;
  • Problems with internet connection in distant areas and without resources.


Objectives Activities Metrics
  • Promote a healthy environment in which to bond with other member, groups, and chapters from the Lusophone community and discuss activities and projects;
  • Strengthen WMB unity through social events and discussion spaces, as this helps align objectives and improve communication and debate skills
Lusophone Wiki Party
  • 40 participants
Wikidata Birthday
  • 20 participants
Offline general assembly
  • 12 participants
  • 2 of the 5 Brazilian regions represented at least
  • 1 full report on the event activities and discussions to be provided for the community
  • 1 strategic discussion on the role of the Brazilian community in the open knowledge infrastructure
Meetups with the community and partners
  • 2 meetings with WMB partners
International conferences
  • 2 international trips
  • 1 international conference attended
  • 1 presentation at an international conference
WikidataCon 2021
  • at least 50 people directly engaged in the event
  • at least two partners
  • capacity building for the team on organizing international conferences
Risk assessment
  • Lack of interest in the event;
  • Lack of presence due to mobility restrictions determined by local authorities.
  • Limitations on travels;

Outreach & Education

Objectives Activities Metrics
  • Provide resources in Portuguese in different media formats (printed, videos etc) for teachers and professors;
  • Support activities from education programs throughout Brazil, such as debate educational activities with professors, help with Outreach Dashboard, Mbabel and other tools, create tutorial materials for students etc;
  • Develop a welcoming and healthy environment for people from different backgrounds to equally have the opportunity to participate on and lead projects in the community;
  • Effectively communicate the local and broad Wikimedia community on WMB's projects and activities through different channels, such as monthly newsletters and blog posts on our website;
  • Increase the number of active members to keep activities running - and if not possible to expressively expand the community, at least maintain the current number of people active on projects, so no one is overloaded with too much work and gets worn-out;
  • Improve the Global South perspective representation on documentation of GLAM Wiki activities by producing a guiding documented and publicly available strategic plan with the Brazilian Wikimedia community and partners (GLAM professionals, open knowledge activists, scholars);
Education programs & workshops
  • 12 events
  • 400 participants
Training workshops & edit-a-thons
  • 20 events
  • 360 participants
  • 1000 items, files and articles created or improved
  • Systematic publicity and reporting on activities to be provided to the community
  • At least 1 detailed documentation of WMB's edit-a-thons processes published on community channels
Uploads in continuous flow
  • 15,000 files uploaded on Commons
  • 10,000 itens uploaded/enhanced to Wikidata;
Process documentation
  • Produce 2 detailed documentations on our GLAM-Wiki processes, educational programs and or events
  • 8 printed or video resources to support the community
Organic communications
  • At least 10 monthly reports on community channels
  • At least 6 media appearances of activities promoted by WMB
  • Usage of village pumps/mass message to recurrently inform the community
  • At least one communication via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn) per activity/project
  • Organization of a monthly communications calendar
  • Evaluation of Communications Strategic Plan after 6 months of implementation
  • 5 new formal institutional partnerships
  • 2 partnerships with institutions outside the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis (independent on the Wiki Loves Bahia goals)
  • Support of programs/activities of at least 5 different institutions and organizations
Risk assessment
  • Dependency on external actors, such as educators and universities agendas.
  • External actors and politics affecting
  • We need to be very cautious about messages we convey;