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Report of activities for 2024 - CALIBRA

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Supporting the implementation of Wikimedia projects

Some calibra participants during a joyful break.

Following the completion of the training stage in December 2023, calibra has focused on implementing projects developed by participants. This new stage has involved peer mentoring, workshops, project documentation, and communication.[1][2][3][4]

This activity is related to WMB's strategy under the axis of "Articulating Brazilian Wikimedia agencies", and is meant as a process of building a network based on peer learning to ensure project sustainability.

The specific objective of the implementation of Wikimedia activities was to ensure that projects developed during the training are effectively pursued, documented, and communicated to the community, while also fostering continued collaborative work among participants. A project framework was developed to support project implementation. Participants have been engaged in a collaborative support structure, aiming at enabling them to consolidate the skills acquired during the program and respond to implementation challenges.[2][3][4][1][5]

Operational and General metrics

Operational and General metrics
Activity Metrics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total References
Sessões Comunitárias Número de sessões 7 - - - 7 [6][7][2][3][4][1][5][8]
Capacitações Número de iniciativas 1 - - - 1 [4]
- Número de arquivos de mídia carregados no Wikimedia Commons 17 - - - 17 [2]
Número de organizadores 2 - - - 2 [6][7][2][3][1][5][8]
Número de participantes 44 - - - 44 [6][7][2][3][1][5][8]
Número de organizadores que continuam a participar/retidos depois das atividades 2 - - - 2 [6][7][2][3][1][5][8]
Número de páginas ou materiais criados ou editados na Wikiversidade 1 - - - 1 [4]
Número de editores 1 - - - 1 [2]
Número de editores que continuam a participar/retidos depois das atividades 1 - - - 1 [2]


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