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Report of activities for 2023 - Funds and Administration

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Ordinary General Assembly - February

The team includes about 11 members.
In-person meeting of the WMB professional team

On February 28th, the WMB Ordinary General Assembly was held, with 18 members of the user group participating remotely. This annual assembly, which is required by our bylaws, aims to provide an equitable environment where members of the user group can access the necessary resources to build and integrate Wiki Movimento Brasil.[1]

During the assembly, we welcomed 8 new members to our user group, bringing the total number of active members in WMB to 40. We also sanctioned improvements in good governance practices, which were previously discussed and proposed in other meetings, as well as approved the balance sheets and fiscal year accounts for 2022. Additionally, a new protocol for travel scholarships for WMB members was approved. We also discussed the implementation of Strategy Committees and reviewed the highlights of the Activities Plan for 2023.

Other metrics related to Funds and Administration activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • Organizational refactoring to improve transparency practices for administrative and financial activities[2]
  • 1 meeting with the community and partners[3]
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Second quarter report (Apr-Jun)

Selo DOAR A+: Obtaining certification of good management practices and transparency

Certification Selo Doar A+

One of the objectives of WMB for the 2023-2025 triennium is to foster an organizational culture of well-being, reflection, and acceptance, continuously developing internal capabilities, in addition to acting in line with the Diversity Plan, collaborative practices of Management Methodology, and Good Governance regulations. On June 20th, WMB was granted certification for good management practices and transparency by the Instituto Doar, whose mission is to raise the donation culture in Brazil.[4] This certification, A+, the top certification the institute grants it is a validation of the work WMB has been doing in this area and relates directly with our Theory of Change, acting as a clear indicator of the establishment of WMB as a sustainable, well managed and transparent structure example for free knowledge social organizations.

The organizational capabilities that evolved and the ones that are still deficient and lagging behind are presented in the Study Case of this area and include, among other points, greater diversity of funders, and an external independent audit.

Other metrics related to Funds and Administration activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • 1 new intern[5]
  • 1 team meeting[6]
  • 1 group meeting[7]
  • 1 meeting with the community and partners[8]
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Third quarter report (Jul-Sep)

Case Studies

WMB team meeting in July

In an effort to share with the whole community valuable insights and experiences, Wiki Movimento Brasil has published case study-style reports[9], wherein each management area is documenting learnings and processes of the activities they promote. This initiative enhances our understanding of our activities, as well as it endorses and fosters a culture of documentation and continuous revaluation of our practices based on the learnings we get from them. By conducting these case studies, we are able to critically think about the activities and discover what went right, what went wrong, what could be done differently and how to improve for the next activities.

The reports of the first semester are available at Wiki Movement Brazil User Group/Report/2023/Learning and highlight the following study cases:

These case studies were presented at a team-wide meeting in July then transformed into a published document. Presentations were ten-minute long for each one of the operational areas of Wiki Movimento Brasil, and followed by 5 minutes of open discussion for each case.

One difficulty we encountered with the production of those case studies is that it is difficult to standardize reports written by different persons and we intend to work on that in the next report, to be released at the end of the year.

Other metrics related to Funds and Administration activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
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Fourth quarter report (Oct-Dec)

Ordinary General Assembly - November

WMB members Ordinary General Assembly in November

The second Ordinary General Assembly of the year took place on November 4 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. 25 WMB members participated either present or remotely that morning. This assembly is a statutory requirement and allows us to continue our activities as a social organization in Brazil.

In this opportunity, the members approved unanimously our Plan of Activities for 2024. We had a session about the evaluation of our Strategy 2023-2025 in which the members of the strategic subcommittees declared that they were not demotivated to participate in them and that now, because of the subcommittees, they have a better understanding of the activities the group promotes. We also had a session about the challenges of the lusophone Wiki world and discussed the Communications Plan, which was not approved and it will be reworked and presented to the members in the near future.[13]

Other metrics related to Funds and Administration activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • 1 team meeting[14]
  • 1 meeting with the community and partners[15]
  • 14 participants[15]
  • 1 plan[16]