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Report of activities for 2024 - Education and Scientific Dissemination

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Addressing the Lusophone technological wishlist proposals with the Outreachy program

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Wiki Movimento Brasil has relied on the Outreachy program to implement technological requests from the Lusophone community. A program offering paid internships and support for underrepresented groups in the tech industry, Outreachy is an opportunity for interns to develop skills while contributing to open-source software. This activity is aligned with WMB's strategy under the axis of "(Re)imagining the socio-technical infrastructure of the Wikimedia Movement". Our aim in this program was to address a proposal from the Lusophone Technological Wishlist utilizing this space and resource.

In this context, we have successfully implemented an open version of the Dead Link Finder tool, capable of identifying broken external links on Wikimedia project pages.[1] With this project we have resolved the request that garnered the highest engagement in the Lusophone Technological Wishlist last year. The Outreachy program addressed the basic requirement of the request.[2]

Operational and General metrics

Operational and General metrics
Activity Metrics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total References
Capacitações Número de iniciativas 1 - - - 1 [3]
Parcerias Número de parcerias ativadas 1 - - - 1 [3]
Recursos Número de recursos 4 - - - 4 [3][1]
- Número de participantes 41 - - - 41 [3]
Número de organizadores que continuam a participar/retidos depois das atividades 3 - - - 3 [3][1]
Número de editores 7 - - - 7 [3][1]
Número de editores que continuam a participar/retidos depois das atividades 3 - - - 3 [3]
Número de organizadores 4 - - - 4 [3][1]