Volunteer Supporters Network





The Volunteer Supporters Network (VSN) is an open network of Wikimedians working in volunteer/community support.


In 2022, the Volunteer Supporters Network will be contributing to the Movement Strategy and supporting implementation of several Wikimedia 2030 goals. Learn more about our 2022 initiatives here!

Our mission is to improve volunteer support in the Wikimedia movement by developing, growing and maintaining collaboration and exchange of expertise, ideas and resources.

The project of an open global volunteer supporters network got going at Wikimania 2014 in London. Since then, we exchange our expertise and experiences as well as collaborate on common issues and tasks on a regular basis by

  • Establishing and maintaining communication channels for volunteer supporters from Wikimedia organisations
  • Holding meetings/workshops in the context of international Wikimedia events and beyond
  • Creating and sharing resources for volunteer support.

The long-term impact we want to achieve is to improve the working conditions for volunteers in Wikimedia projects (online and offline), to increase diversity and to enhance the spirit of global cooperation and innovation.