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志工支援網路(The Volunteer Supporters Network)是由一群來自維基媒體組織的人所成立,提供志工或社群支援的工作群組。



  • Establishing and maintaining communication channels for volunteer supporters from Wikimedia organisations (conference calls, mailing list, this hub page)
  • Holding meetings/workshops in the context of international Wikimedia events
  • Creating and sharing resources for volunteer support.

The long-term impact we want to achieve is to improve the working conditions for volunteers in Wikimedia projects (online and offline), to increase diversity and to enhance the spirit of global cooperation and innovation.

Who we areEdit

If you are involved in volunteer support programs/initiatives of a Wikimedia organization and want to join us, please subscribe to our private mailing list (see below) and add your name and affiliation in the list of participants (to the right)!

In order to subscribe to the mailing list, please visit the following website: Volunteer-supporters. The mailing list’s administrators are Andy (WMMX) and Veronika (WMDE).

The participants of the Volunteer Supporters Network are:

No longer active:

Regular conference callsEdit

We regularly hold conference calls via Skype or Google+ to discuss current issues.

If you want to join us, please contact Veronika (WMDE) or Raimund (WMAT).

Workshops and learning sessionsEdit

Participants of the Volunteer Support Pre-conference, Wikimania 2014

Wikimania 2014 Pre-Conference session

7 August 2014, London
Topics: “Enable volunteers to finance their ideas and projects”, “Chapter support for photographers with equipment and event accreditation” and “Community consultation”.

Wikimedia Conference 2015 session

16 May 2015, Berlin
Workshop aimed at collecting the attendees’ thoughts about the following questions: Why do people volunteer to Wikimedia/Wikipedia? What are volunteers taking from their experience in Wikimedia/Wikipedia? What should they take away?

Wikimania 2015 Pre-Conference session

6 August 2015, Mexico City
Discussing common goals, approaches and future challenges of volunteer support in the Wikimedia movement.

Wikimedia Conference 2016 session

23 April 2016, Berlin - Wikimedia Conference
Workshop on approaches and case studies on supporting, enabling and appreciating volunteers in the Wikimedia Movement.

Wikimania 2016 Pre-Conference session I

23 June 2016, Esino Lario
Learning a collaborative creative problem-solving process for community engagement and applying it to program design.

Wikimania 2016 Pre-Conference session II

23 June 2016, Esino Lario
Providing and discussing examples on how to show your appreciation of volunteer work as a volunteer supporter.

Wikimedia Conference 2017 session

31 March 2017, Berlin - Wikimedia Conference
The 99 dimensions of real-life community events and meetups.

Wikimedia Conference 2017 meeting

31 March 2017, Berlin - Wikimedia Conference
Proceedings of international cooperation.

Learning patternsEdit

These learning patterns on volunteer support were created collaboratively by members of our group:

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