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WikiLearn is a learning management platform that hosts self-guided and live courses developed by and for the Wikimedia community.

Online learning is one way the Community Development team can support Wikimedians across the movement and provide access to resources/tools related to capacity building and leadership development. WikiLearn makes it possible for volunteers to learn such skills at their own pace.

WikiLearn is currently run by the Community Development team, until a governance model for it is developed, and currently offers courses created by Foundation staff and some affiliates' staff. As we put in place governance mechanisms for the platform, it will become open for contribution from all Wikimedia contributors.

Available courses


The platform has a public course catalog of courses open for anyone to take. (Some courses on the platform are designed for small groups and only accept learners via an off-platform registration process and manual enrollment by the course instructors.)

Feel free to browse the catalog and explore the available courses. Additional courses will be deployed in 2023.

Course authors can choose to allow their courses to be translated into other languages, using a process exporting course contents to Meta for translation using the standard Meta translation system and re-importing it automatically onto WikiLearn.

The current public courses are in English, and are already set up to be translated into the five other UN languages. You are very welcome to express interest in translating one of them into additional languages. Contact the Community Development team at comdevteam wikimedia org to set it up.

Who can sign up to take a course?


All Wikimedians with an active Wikimedia account can login to the WikiLearn platform using their Wikimedia identity (OAuth) without needing a separate account.

Who can create courses on the platform?


For now, the Community Development team is handing out access to trusted affiliates in good standing, by request. When the governance conversation results in a workable model, we expect there would be community-driven processes to gain access to the course-authoring part of the platform. For course requests by affiliates in good standing, please complete this form and a member of the team will be in touch with you.

Contact information


If you have any questions or concerns about the courses or the WikiLearn learning management system, please email the Community Development team at comdevteam wikimedia org

Privacy statement


The WikiLearn platform is powered by Open edX, free software. The software is hosted by Edly. The Wikimedia Foundation Legal team has reviewed Edly's privacy policy. For more information about our privacy practices, please refer to our non-wiki privacy policy.